Expertly curated learning content for the enterprise.

Keep your workforce nimble and meet the challenges of an ever-changing market with a comprehensive learning library thoughtfully designed for enterprise learning initiatives.

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Two unique catalogues to help you to align your learning programme to your business priorities.

With a library of over 86,000 titles and specifically designed learning pathways, Adobe Learning Manager lets you design learning programmes that support your current and long term growth strategies.


Open access library

Over 86,000 titles to explore ranging from essential skills to advanced competencies to compliance training and more.

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Adobe curated learning paths

Thirty course playlists covering essential genre, popular job functions and skill domains.

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Top-rated third-party learning content.

Expand and elevate the learning experience with courses created by additional world-class content providers, including courses curated by global, regional and specialised providers.

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Blinkist connects 18 million users worldwide to the biggest ideas from best-selling non-fiction via 15-minute audio and text.

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Skillsoft is a global leader in corporate learning, providing high-quality content and engaging experiences.

Thomson Reuters logo

Thomson Reuters

Thomson Reuters is a leading source of compliance learning solutions for businesses and professionals.

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Vado offers micro-learning courses accompanied by step-by-step instructions on how to apply newly learnt skills to a user’s job.

Mindtools logo


MindTools provides on-demand learning resources and performance support designed to help people overcome workplace challenges.

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EDX offers high-quality courses from the world’s best universities and institutions to learners in every country.

Six easy steps gets you started.

  1. Select Content Marketplace on the Learning Manager home screen.
  2. Choose Enterprise Training or Creative Cloud Training.
  3. Explore the catalogue or choose an Adobe-curated playlist.
  4. Get a quick look by clicking, “Preview.” If the course is what you’re looking for, click “Express Interest.”
  5. Invite users by clicking “invite users” on the course card to send them an email.
  6. Contact us once you know the content you want and we’ll get you started.