Business Intelligence

Eliminate all data challenges with a central solution that lets you analyze what is most important.

Identify your best customers with real-time business intelligence.

To harness the true value of your data, you need the ability to centralize and manage it all. With our business intelligence capabilities, you not only get a single source of truth for all your commerce data, you also get data visualization, cloud-based hosting, and robust dashboard and report building tools in one place.

Say goodbye to data silos, while finally being able to identify your most profitable customers and see what they are doing in real time. With powerful insights at your fingertips, you can personalize engagements across all channels and demonstrate the business value of your team’s activities..

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Data Management
Make governing your data effortless with built-in, cloud-based functionality to manage and connect it all. You’ll get automated data replication and syncing, including the option to specify what data from each of your systems to sync, so your data stays secure and clean. 

Data Modeling and Visualization
Use your data warehouse to join tables, build new columns, convert currencies, create arbitrary derivatives, and more. Then, once you’re done, turn your data insights into striking visualizations with in-platform tools that make it easy to access, analyze, and visualize your data.

Data Centralization and Customization
Centralize your data with our hosted data warehouse and get a holistic view of your customers. You can also quickly connect any third-party data sources and databases to our solution using flexible APIs or our prebuilt integrations.

Data Metrics
Start by defining your metrics and what data you are using. To add supplementary data, you can easily upload a .csv or spreadsheet. And, with our System Summary tool, you’ll have a snapshot view of all your metrics, filter settings, and data dimensions — making it easy to keep your insights aligned.

Reports and Unlimited Dashboards
Build unlimited dashboards and reports with the ability to customize, visualize, and schedule automatic report emails. Or, simply set your permission levels so your team members can access your data and metrics as needed to get the most out of the platform while keeping your account safe.

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