Goal alignment

Adobe Workfront Goals connects strategy, goals, and work, showing how each project supports company goals and tracking daily progress to drive measurable business outcomes.

Big vision meets daily execution.

It’s easy for big strategic goals to get lost in a steady stream of incoming requests, shifting demands, and daily tasks. To keep work moving toward the big picture while the littler projects are the focus, you need to motivate your teams with a strong vision, then align that vision to your work execution. And now you’ve got a powerful way to do it.

Workfront Goals helps you communicate organizational goals and objectives and track direct execution against them. Inside the dashboard, team members can clearly see how each daily project supports the bigger goals and track their personal contribution. Leaders can also monitor progress toward key objectives.

Providing team members with a strong vision and an easy way to track progress keeps teams focused on the big picture as well as the little details, increases productivity, and also provides the personal satisfaction of knowing they’re directly contributing to company success. The result: goals achieved faster.

See what makes it work

Align and track your work

Set strategic goals and objectives, show why they matter, then roll them out to your entire organization — quickly and clearly.

Connect strategy to work

Align strategy to work execution to ensure teams are working on the right initiative to reach your goals.

Real-time updates

Continuous updates keep teams and contributors focused on key initiatives.

Keep tabs on your progress

Track and monitor progress on against strategic goals, so you can make adjustments along the way.

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