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Connected clouds spark connected experiences.

Adobe and Microsoft have come together to unite data, content and processes, helping you to transform your business and deliver the great experiences customers expect.

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Joint solutions lead to greater outcomes.

Combine the useful insights and advanced capabilities of Adobe and Microsoft clouds to deliver experiences that are reliable, secure and optimised to reach your customers everywhere, at every moment.

Pool your data for better personalisation.

Use cross-channel customer insights held in a single profile to streamline content management, omnichannel campaigns and customer analytics — make every interaction more meaningful.

Unite sales and marketing.

Hand your teams an all-in-one toolkit to deliver successful lead generation and account-based marketing that moves customers along the sales funnel to closing deals.

Scale content creation to drive commerce.

For both B2B and B2C customers, help your teams create personalised content experiences across multiple commerce audiences from a single platform that is flexible, extensible and repeatable.

Work with the best collaboration tools.

Save time and money, enhance connectivity and revolutionise how your teams collaborate with in-app signature and document solutions available for seamless workflow.

Discover the partnership in action.

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KeyBank sets a new standard in personalized banking with Adobe and Microsoft.

KeyBank runs Adobe solutions on Microsoft Azure to deliver personalized experiences faster, leverage data and insights right within the platform, standardize security, and more.

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