Real-time Data

Get a real-time stream of unprocessed hit-level data available within seconds of collection with our Live Stream feature in Adobe Analytics.


Drink from the insight firehose.

Business moves fast with today’s pace of digital interactions with customers. Data pours in, and without some way to take advantage of it fast, it’s easy to miss golden opportunities or get a handle on a crisis before it’s too late.

With the Live Stream feature in Adobe Analytics, you can access hit-level, unprocessed data in near real time (30 to 90 seconds), which you can use in live-traffic dashboards. Or, you can use this data to power recommendations and personalisation algorithms for retargeting or remarketing.

Real-time monitoring

See the impact of your marketing campaigns almost the second the data comes in.

Personalised content

Use this data to personalise offers and content at just the right time.

High granularity

Access all your customised and standard variables.

Integration with Adobe Experience Cloud

Data from Live Stream includes hit-level events from other Adobe Experience Cloud products, such as Target or Adobe Advertising Cloud.


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Connect with Live Stream.

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