Budget and expense management

Connect budgets to the work that’s working best and optimise ad spend for your highest performing tactics — all without having to wait for the post-mortem.


Budgets with aligned and clear visibility hit their targets.

Marketing budgets and spend are under more scrutiny than ever. You need real-time visibility into budgeted, forecasted and actual spend alongside how these activities are performing. With the agility to quickly reallocate unspent dollars and capacity across projects, you maximise the impact of your limited resources.

Misalignment between a project’s budget and execution is a problem that continues to plague marketers, managers and executives. When a project is overextending your teams’ allocated hours, corrective action is necessary. This is difficult with a manual process of updating spreadsheets, running reports and passing your findings up the ladder. Marketing organisations must be better at connecting their financial plans to the execution of work to keep up and drive sustainable profitable growth.

Workfront allows you to close the loop between budgets, plans and actual spend. This interface is easily accessible to all stakeholders who need the numbers — internal teams, vendors and network teams. Native capabilities let you manage and track hard and soft costs, project costs and resource costs. Our partnership and integration with Anaplan — a cloud-native budgeting, planning and forecasting platform - optimises your top-down marketing budget allocation, bottom-up spend management and performance tracking. Finally, you can connect all this to virtually any financial system of record using Workfront Fusion.

Giving your teams a single place to connect their work, spend and performance gives them agility to maximise marketing’s impact as priorities and circumstances evolve.


See what makes it work.

Hard- and soft-cost management
Give your teams a detailed look at how much they should spend on every campaign, whether it’s time spent creating assets, additional budget available for outside vendors or dollars spent on specific ad placements.

Independent decision-making
With visibility into stats like burn rates and asset or placement performance, individuals can take initiative and optimise their efforts without needing to pour over reports or gather everyone in a room to make a decision.

Connected teams and tools
Work in a personalised, intuitive application that integrates with your preferred financial tools.

Optimised in-market spending tools
Easily reallocate the budget of in-market executions based on data from changes in the market, strategy and resources at your disposal.

Motivated, informed teams
Direct reports can understand how their work connects to the financial plan and company strategy, giving them the power and incentive to focus their efforts on the highest-value work.

With Workfront, Anaplan helps you flip change into an advantage.

Anaplan’s platform lets customers model “what-if” scenarios, contextualise current performance in real time and forecast future outcomes for faster, more confident decisions. Its users can quickly pivot strategies, redeploy resources and optimise plans for growth, efficiency, demand and profitability.

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Break down data silos with Workfront Fusion

See how simple it is to integrate all the applications in your technology stake and freely share data between them.

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