Marketing analytics

Understand how effective each piece of your customer experience is with advanced data insight reporting, attribution, and analytics.


Turn data into insights into action in record time.

There’s never been more pressure to prove how effective your marketing efforts are. But if you’re only measuring the basics like click-through rates and time on site, you’re missing a wealth of valuable data that can help make your case to the people who hold the purse strings.

Adobe Marketo Engage helps you evaluate every touchpoint along a customer’s journey, letting you quickly identify your best performing assets, channels, and campaigns so you can focus your efforts and maximize your ROI. And with a host of highly visual reporting tools, Marketo Engage lets you prove your worth with style and ease.


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Campaign reporting and insights

  • Understand engagement at both the lead and account level to maximize overall engagement.
  • Find the best performing programs with an ROI dashboard that measures cost, revenue, pipeline, and conversions.

Attribution and ROI dashboards

  • Save time with pre-configured dashboards showing key metrics about ROI at different stages of the funnel.
  • Simplify your attribution model with dashboards that help you transform data into powerful insights, no matter your expertise.

Advanced journey analytics

  • Measure the entire customer lifecycle to see where engagement is happening and quickly identify potential issues and opportunities alike.
  • Move buyers through the funnel faster and more efficiently with powerful optimizations designed to increase win rates.

Premium multi-touch attribution

  • Measure the effectiveness of every touchpoint in the customer journey no matter the source or strategy with Adobe Marketo Measure (Bizible).
  • Accurately identify which channels, campaigns, and content deliver the most revenue and highest ROI.
  • Get out-of-the-box weighted multi-touch models, custom models, and even machine-learning models.

Advanced BI analytics

  • Get a complete overview of your efforts and results with fully centralized business intelligence reports.
  • Use the drag-and-drop interface to build custom visualizations for any number of measurements and metrics.

Automated program data

  • Draw from a complete Marketo Engage lead, account, and program dataset that automatically syncs with your reporting engine in real time.
  • Create custom fields and calculated measures to build specific reports that meet your unique reporting needs.

Ad-hoc reporting

  • Drill deeper into your data with custom reports.
  • Explore specific engagements and create custom reports by accessing the fields, objects, and measurements you need.

Democatization and sharing

  • Create custom reports and dashboards and quickly share them with your team.

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