5 things you might have missed at Adobe Summit

Source: David Becker, AP Photography

Adobe Summit 2023 brought together industry leaders and experiences makers from across Asia Pacific and the globe to explore the future of digital experiences.


From incredible advancements in generative AI technology that will redefine creative processes, to jaw-dropping examples of brands reimagining the customer experience.

If you missed the big announcements, we cover all you need to know right here plus our top five things you might have missed at Adobe Summit 2023.

1. Unleashing creative expression through Generative AI

The future of creativity is here with the launch of Adobe Firefly, a family of generative AI models designed to help unleash your creative potential. Simply describe what you want to create, and Firefly will take care of the rest.

It’s about eliminating creative barriers and helping people grow their creative confidence. The first Firefly model focuses on creating images and text effects and, best of all, is built from the ground up to be embeddable in existing workflows across Creative Cloud, Document Cloud, Experience Cloud and Adobe Express.


It gets even better for marketers with the new groundbreaking Adobe Sensei Generative AI Services integrated into Adobe Experience Cloud. With Sensei GenAI as your co-pilot, marketers can unlock their creative potential and boost productivity while maintaining full creative control and enjoying trusted governance capabilities.

Across the Experience Cloud suite of solutions, Sensei GenAI will revolutionise marketing workflows. From testing different tones of voice for copy with a click of a button in Adobe Journey Optimizer and AEM Sites, through to powering Dynamic Chat in Marketo Engage.

And with all this amazing advancement in AI technology, we’re also leading the responsible AI conversation, calling on industry, government and brands to come together to build guardrails to that guide the responsible development and use of AI.

2. Powering the future of customer experiences with the biggest brands

Alongside amazing innovations, we also got a glimpse behind the curtain at how our customers and partners are creating unforgettable experiences with the help of Adobe solutions.

Our partnership with Prada Group is taking the physical and digital retail experience to a new dimension through real-time personalisation and dynamic experiences. From connecting digital browsing behaviour with in-store interactions, to leveraging 3D to create retail simulations and product prototypes, it all builds to next-level customer experiences.

We’re helping power the electric vehicle movement with General Motors through Adobe Experience Platform, unifying customer insights and driving integrated experiences both online and offline. And, with Adobe Experience Cloud, GM is looking to take those personalised experiences even further with in-car experiences for EV buyers.

With Epic Games, we’re empowering the next generation of game creators by making versions of Substance Modeller and Painter available on Epic’s upcoming digital marketplace Fab, launching later this year.

3. Unlocking the content supply chain

In the face of customers’ ever-increasing demand for content, more efficient and agile workflows are key to unlocking business growth. With the industry’s first comprehensive content supply chain solution, we’re connecting content planning, creation, review, distribution and marketing tools to empower teams to do more with less.

Connecting applications across Creative Cloud and Experience Cloud, Adobe Content Supply Chain streamlines collaboration and helps automate content workflows in enterprises.

And with the launch of Adobe Express for Enterprise, we’re empowering anyone at any creative skill level with the tools to easily create, collaborate and share branded content.


4. Connecting product and marketing teams through customer insights

Customer experience teams can, for the first time, gain a truly unified view of the customer and collaborate seamlessly across an organisation with the launch of Adobe Product Analytics in Adobe Experience Cloud.

Product-led growth relies on agility and collaboration across an organisation, particularly between product and marketing teams to ensure efficient and effective customer engagement strategies, content, messaging and feedback to ultimately drive customer loyalty and trust.

Adobe Product Analytics brings together cross-channel insights and empowers teams to uncover engagement opportunities or where customers hit roadblocks.


5. A sneak peek at what’s to come

If all that wasn’t enough, actress and comedian Tig Notaro joined us for an exclusive look at some of the behind-the-scenes employee projects - using Adobe technologies - to create potential next-generation customer experiences as part of Adobe Sneaks.

This year’s Sneaks was all about AI showing off the future of Adobe Firefly; from an ingenious video editing tool that knows what your target audience is interested in and can cutdown a clip focusing on that content, to a smart segmenting solution to understand your customers’ intent and tailor their experience with relevant content.

These Sneaks show off the incredible future of AI and you don’t want to miss them.

To watch the Adobe Summit keynotes online, as well as explore more than 200 sessions and hands-on labs across 11 tracks, network with peers or speak live with an Adobe expert, visit the Summit web experience.