Adobe announces new AI capabilities to personalize digital experiences in Adobe Experience Cloud

Adobe announces new AI capabilities to personalize digital experiences in Adobe Experience Cloud

Fast-evolving market conditions and technological innovation have put artificial intelligence (AI) at the forefront of enterprise strategy and business digital transformation. With this scalable, emerging technology, brands can accomplish more with less, empower teams to focus on high-value and strategic work, and utilize powerful insights and intelligence to deliver more personal, contextualized, and scalable digital experiences in a growing digital economy. Innovative technologies like generative AI are quickly helping brands reimagine how they deliver digital experiences and will be foundational to the next generation of experience-led growth.

For brands to provide value throughout the customer journey today, it is essential to personalize digital experiences at scale. AI innovations like generative AI, AI modeling, and AI-powered predictions can help brands quickly and meaningfully personalize and scale digital experiences for their customers’ evolving preferences. The potential for AI to impact experiences in the digital economy is becoming clear — not just for business leaders but for consumers as well, with 72% of consumers in a recent Adobe study saying they trust AI to improve their customer experiences.

Today we announced exciting new AI innovations across Adobe Experience Cloud. This includes Adobe Sensei GenAI, a new copilot for marketers and other customer experience teams to use across several Adobe Experience Cloud applications for a variety of use cases like asset creation and personalization across the customer journey. Our AI and machine learning services team is also releasing new next-gen features and solutions — powered by Adobe Sensei — in Adobe Experience Cloud to help brands deliver personalization at scale. These new AI and machine learning capabilities use intelligent decisioning and predictive insights to accelerate impact and help brands deliver more personalized and relevant experiences for their customers.

New AI and machine learning capabilities unlock insights and faster workflows to tailor the customer journey:

Marketers must be able to deliver the right experience at the right time and on the right channel, and also to every single customer. If brands miss the opportunity to interact with customers in a relevant way, it can make or break the impact of their marketing strategy and undermine the ROI on their marketing investment in delivering a quality experience to customers.

The good news is that many of the leading brands people love today are already using AI to power exceptional digital experiences at scale for their customers. Over 80% of Adobe Experience Cloud customers today benefit from powerful, AI-driven capabilities that are embedded across our digital experience applications and Adobe Experience Platform. AI capabilities powered by Adobe Sensei, our artificial intelligence engine, have been used by the world’s leading brands creating innovative experiences for their customers including AAA Northeast, Caesars Entertainment, Esri, and NVIDIA.

Delivering personalized experiences with the help of AI is possible today with Adobe Experience Cloud. The latest AI and machine learning services help measure, forecast, and prove the value of delivering digital experiences across the marketing stack. With AI technology, brands can better understand customer preferences, predict a customer’s likelihood to convert, and make intelligent decisions about where to put their marketing investment.

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