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Meet Adobe GenAI for business.

Adobe’s groundbreaking generative AI solutions — including the new AI Assistant — are revolutionizing digital experience productivity and performance. GenAI will enhance productivity and performance across all your Adobe Experience Cloud products.

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Adobe is leading the industry with generative AI.

Adobe is focused on delivering GenAI innovation across three dimensions: Exciting new generative AI-based solutions to revolutionize digital experiences, a new AI Assistant to enhance productivity, and reimagined Experience Cloud products with generative AI.

  1. Adobe GenStudio
  2. AI Assistant
  3. Reimagined Products
  4. Adobe Firefly
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Use one product to unite and accelerate your content supply chain.

Adobe GenStudio is a generative AI-first product that lets marketing teams quickly plan, create, manage, activate across apps and publishers, and measure on-brand content.

  • Rapid content creation. Accelerate the ideation and development of marketing content for all channels in a generative-AI-first interface.
  • Manage your content. Seamlessly find, reuse, edit, and share content with the governance needed to meet enterprise operating standards.
  • Campaigns. Automate campaign brief creation, standardize campaign personas and align assets to a campaign.
  • Content activation. Seamlessly deploy creative assets natively within Adobe products or through third-party tools.
  • Insights. Analyze content performance across channels, respond swiftly to insights, and automate future content generation.

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Enhance productivity with AI Assistant.

AI Assistant delivers an easy to use, conversational experience so users can quickly perform tasks — whether it’s understanding concepts, troubleshooting problems, deriving insights from your data, or generating new audiences.

  • Efficiently navigate enterprise data. Access tailored product guidance that leverages your enterprise data and use cases, saving hours spent on documentation review, troubleshooting, and support tickets.
  • Expand product mastery. Enhance your knowledge with timely, data-driven suggestions for follow-up actions or queries, fostering a continuous learning environment.
  • Streamline routine operations. Execute data exploration, insights generation, and campaign planning with enhanced output quality and enforced user permissions.

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GenAI embedded directly in Experience Cloud products.

GenAI is redefining what is possible in customer experience management and personalization at scale. Embedded GenAI capabilities allows you to create high-performance experiences.

  • Accelerate creative production with auto-generated creative briefs.
  • Create content variations in an instant with your brand tone and voice so that you can scale fast and get the next best offer for your customer.
  • Streamline brand compliance with automated asset quality controls.
  • Enable rapid experimentation to understand which variations perform best and inform future AI-generated content.

Drive business results with Firefly generative AI.

A comprehensive AI platform for content creation, Firefly is designed to be safe for commercial use, scalable across teams, and customizable to your brand. See the advantages of putting Firefly at the heart of your content workflows.

  • Ideate and work more quickly to create images, vectors, and more with generative AI capabilities integrated into your everyday tools.
  • Automate, personalize, and localize variations at scale with Firefly Services including APIs for Firefly and Creative Cloud.
  • Generate on-brand imagery by training a custom Firefly model with your own styles and subjects.
  • Create with confidence knowing that our Firefly generative AI models were trained on licensed content, such as Adobe Stock, and public domain, copyright-expired content.

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Meet Firefly for Enterprise background image
Meet Firefly for Enterprise background image

Meet Adobe GenAI for business.

Get to know the new family of creative generative AI models coming to Adobe.

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Questions? We have answers.

What is Adobe Sensei GenAI?

Sensei GenAI services use multiple large language models (LLMs) for brands to generate and modify text-based experiences. These services are anchored in Adobe Experience Platform (AEP), which unifies an organization’s data and content under a common language model. Using this rich data set, brands can train generative AI models on proprietary customer insights, customizing output for brand-specific use cases.

Does Adobe Sensei GenAI integrate with Adobe Experience Cloud products?

Yes. Adobe Sensei GenAI services are integrated across the Adobe Experience Cloud product portfolio. Sensei GenAI will help marketers and other customer experience teams boost their productivity without increasing their workloads.

To support use cases — from planning and asset creation to personalization and customer journey management — powerful new features will first be integrated within products including:

Teams will have full creative control to ensure content and experiences are on-brand, along with insights from Adobe to help them understand what resonates most with customers.

What is generative AI?

Generative AI is a type of artificial intelligence software that can be used to create content via algorithms. This content can include art and imagery, audio, video, code, text, and simulations. Generative AI models accomplish this by analyzing the vast amount of content available across the internet — or specific databases and platforms — to predict the "best fit" and create an output for a user-entered prompt.

How is generative AI used in marketing?

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning have been used for years to support anomaly detection, intelligent alerts, and segment IQ to identify unique marketing insights that drive personalized customer experiences at scale.

Now with generative AI, brands can use a more advanced version of machine learning and natural language to gain these valuable insights much easier, streamlining delivery of more accurate, personal customer journeys.

What are AI services?

AI Services — or Artificial Intelligence as a service (AlaaS) — is any service that outsources to third-party AI tools, helping companies explore AI business capabilities at a fraction of the expense of developing in-house AI techniques. Common products for marketers include personalizing customer experience, scaling content, and generating data insights.

Explore Adobe Sensei GenAI for yourself.

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