Building a connected measurement framework: The answer to measuring success for your experience business

Woman looking at her phone surrounded by visuals relating to marketing and analytics

As businesses become more customer-focused, measuring the effectiveness of the customer and user experiences has become as integral to determining business success as revenue.

According to the Adobe 2023 Digital Trends Report, 89 percent of executives recognise the necessity to readjust goals and metrics to align with changing customer and business expectations—but are struggling to do so.

This ongoing struggle and the need for continuous adaptation highlight the importance of achieving greater clarity when defining and measuring success.

Shift from a multichannel to an omnichannel strategy

For organisations that want to build and drive a value realisation strategy for their business, it is critical to track, measure, and analyse the complete spectrum of performance of the organisation and then optimise each department for the digital age.

While you may have access to multichannel customer data and team performance metrics, viewing them together may help you derive invaluable business insights—essential to building a true experience business.

Move beyond regular metrics. Measure more

Let’s understand why integrating and tracking customer experience (CX), business, and team operations metrics is critical to measuring the effectiveness of your digital strategy and how you can integrate these metrics with your KPIs to build a holistic measurement framework.

Finally, it’s time to unlock value.

Across the APAC region, Adobe experts have worked with brands to enable them to drive a variety of success stories and innovative use cases. By integrating CX, business and team operations metrics into their technology implementation and digital strategy, these customers have created new experiences and reimagined operations to unlock value faster.

Three stats: 125% increase in customer engagement for an international technology company; 36% revenue growth through faster cross-channel experiences and audience testing for a global airline company; 22-47% paid media performance improvement for a large Australian retail company.

Technology is just one part of the puzzle. Our digital strategists and business consultants help organisations build a better measurement framework by understanding their business goals, identifying relevant KPIs, defining data sources and governance policies, connecting the customer journey, implementing measurement tools and technology, and providing ongoing measurement and optimisation best practices.

Contact us to better track and understand the impact of your digital initiatives and how to use these insights to i mprove your CX and drive superior business outcomes.