Customer experience: the key to future business growth

We are in a new age of customer experience (CX). Customers' expectations drive brands to rethink what CX looks like and how it will fuel their business potential.

From personalised and immersive experiences that excite and delight customers to the GenAI innovations reimagining how we work, the future of digital experience is here.

At this year's Adobe Summit, we spoke with some of Asia Pacific’s CX leaders to understand the winning formula for bottom-line business growth.

Keeping pace with the customer

“Our customer's expectation becomes equal to their last best experience,” says Chris Raimondi, General Manager Content & Customer Engagement at Tabcorp.

Immersive experiences are the next frontier. Adobe research found that 71 percent of Gen Z consumers will spend most of their time shopping online or in virtual spaces within the next two years.

“We want to tap into what customers enjoy and what they're fanatical about. In sport and racing, it's all about fandom - people love a sport for a reason; they love an athlete. We try to personalise that experience,” says Raimondi.

“It's all about that immersive experience within our platforms.”

Keeping pace with customer expectations ensures brands build and maintain trust through all their experiences.

This is particularly key for younger consumers. Given the data and technology at their disposal, nearly 60 percent of Gen Z and 53 per cent of millennial consumers expect more personalised experiences from brands.

“We pride ourselves on engagement based on trust,” says Stephen Kyefulumya, General Manager, Media – Product & Technology at carsales.

“What’s the point of doing anything if you’re not looking after the customer?”

Engineering experiences

“Experiences can no longer just be designed; they also need to be engineered,” says Himanshu Mody, Founder & CEO at Tekno Point/DEPT.

Consumers are well entrenched in the digital economy, and convenience is key. More than half of consumers say convenience is their favourite aspect of the digital economy, making interactions quicker and easier to navigate.

Mody says delivering personalisation and cross-channel experiences means customers are now expecting more than traditional CX design approaches.

“I think to make the most of this digital experience opportunity; we need to look at experiences both from design and engineering hand in hand.”

It’s a challenge that Malaysia Airlines understands well. Clarence Lee, Group Chief Digital & Technology Officer at Malaysia Airlines, says creating a seamless customer experience is more than designing digital customer journeys.

“It’s not only digitising the customer journey; I need to empower my frontline workers by giving them correct and timely information to engage the customer and offer them the correct solution or benefit at any point in their journey at the airport,” he says.

All of this work to create unique experiences needs the right measurement to understand and analyse what’s working or not to demonstrate bottom-line value.

Generative AI is reinventing workflows

“Over the next decade - or even sooner - whoever nails their approach to being able to operationalise and support a framework to nail GenAI is going to go a long way to success in any category,” says Tabcorp’s Chris Raimondi.

Consumers are embracing GenAI and believe it will improve their experiences.

“GenAI isn’t an entirely new concept for marketers using things like chatbots for over half a decade, says Ankur Mittal, Managing Director and Co-Founder at Axeno.

“However, the rapid growth of the technology is fast-tracking its adoption and commoditising the technology,” he says.

For example, Axeno is working with an Indian insurance brand using AI to support the underwriting process by crafting more natural questions and responses to help the customer through that journey.

Tekno Point/DEPT’s Himanshu Mody says he’s most excited about the content velocity that Gen AI will unlock.

Grow your business with experiences

Business leaders have ground-breaking technology at their fingertips to create experiences that drive customer engagement and ultimately deliver experience-led growth for their brands.

In the digital economy, investing in customer experience is investing in long-term business growth.

The future of digital experiences is continually evolving, and the opportunities are endless.

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