Coles improves customer experiences online and in-stores with Adobe Experience Manager Sites

Over the past decade, digital has dramatically changed how people shop. Online sales have grown rapidly, and consumers continue to follow the social media accounts of their favorite brands to get the latest news and offers. But research has also found that 78 percent of purchases will still be made in stores until 2024. That means that understanding how to bridge the gap between online and offline experiences will continue to be a critical question for retailers.

For leading Australian retailer Coles, digital is a critical part of the company’s commitment to both customer service and sustainability. Coles is best known for its supermarket and convenience-store brands — two areas where in-store shopping is the norm. But digital plays a major role in how Coles connects with customers, from keeping them up-to-date on store hours, to sharing the latest promotions, to bridging the gap between online and in-store shopping. That’s why Coles decided to consolidate its websites onto Adobe Experience Manager Sites to deliver more consistent and engaging customer experiences.

Coles decided to work with a system integrator who could help get value from the new CMS as quickly as possible. The company chose Deloitte Digital for its Deloitte AX Accelerator framework, which builds upon years of know-how to fast-track implementation for Adobe Experience Cloud applications. Deloitte Digital worked with Coles through multiple sprints, breaking down new web designs and building out all templates, assets, and navigation for the experience.

Below, Coles shares some of the ways that it uses digital content to connect with shoppers online and off.

Keeping shoppers informed

Whether shoppers want to find the closest Coles Express fuel stations or check the hours of their local Coles supermarket, the website provides all information that shoppers might want at their fingertips. During pandemic lockdowns, when shopping hours and purchase limits on essentials changed frequently, shoppers relied on the Coles website for the latest news. Adobe Experience Manager Sites empowered content creators at Coles to publish and update information in minutes, keeping on top of changes with fewer challenges.

From mailers to digital

Millions of Australians once received the Coles catalogue in their mailbox every week to keep them up to date on the best deals in their local Coles supermarkets. But today those same catalogues are available online, with some still printed and available in stores. Not only does the digital catalogue eliminate the costs and waste of paper mailers, but it benefits the customer experience in many ways. Customers can quickly glance through the catalogue across any device and plan out their shopping list ahead of time. Animations draw attention to the biggest deals, and quick links add items to an online shopping cart for delivery or pickup in store.

Inspiring shoppers

From delicious recipes to articles highlighting in-season produce, Coles offers a wide range of digital content that can help inspire shoppers’ next meals. With Adobe Experience Manager Sites, Coles publishes content faster so that website visitors can always find something new to add to their grocery lists. All of this new content led to a 55 percent year-over-year increase in page views after Coles migrated to Adobe Experience Manager. Shoppers have a more positive view of the Coles brand than ever, with less online cart abandonment and an uplift in purchases.

Looking at offline digital

Walk into a Coles supermarket, and you may start to see digital signs. Digital signs are used in many stores to draw attention to big deals, show off a new product in stock, or share important store information. A digital signage pilot is underway at Coles stores. Adobe Experience Manager Screens makes it simple to create digital content and reuse assets for fantastic-looking digital displays in stores.

“Whether we’re talking with our customers online or off, digital plays a big role in how we deliver content,” says Eve Ireland, head of digital marketing at Coles. “With Adobe Experience Manager, we have a reliable, powerful, and easy-to-use CMS that helps us quickly deliver the experiences our customers want.”

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