Adobe Experience Manager

One system to create a better employee experience.

Unite today’s disparate employee experiences with Experience Manager, a secure, centralised content management system (CMS) that lets you deliver personalised, relevant information to employees in real time and across all devices.

Keep employees engaged from anywhere

Remote employees, virtual collaboration and in-office physical distancing are presenting new workplace communications challenges. Experience Manager was built to meet these challenges. A cloud-based CMS, Experience Manager uses AI and machine learning to enhance information accessibility, streamline workflows and build a cohesive workforce — no matter where your employees are or what device they’re working from. 


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Centralised access

A centralised content platform gives employees easier access to assets so they can quickly create and deliver company communication across all channels — including digital signage.

Content agility

Drag-and-drop capabilities, reusable templates and AI automations make content creation, publishing and updating fast and easy. No coding required.

Out-of-the-box personalisation

Rules-based targeting gets the right information to employees based on criteria such as employee role, location and browsing behaviour.

Cloud and API-first infrastructure

A scalable, secure, API-driven cloud architecture speeds production time, ensures fast-loading experiences and enables continuous updates.

The strategy for a better employee experience


Speed content creation

Create once, publish everywhere
Quickly create on-brand webpages, documents and digital experiences with drag-and-drop interfaces, reusable templates and components that let you create content once and deliver across every channel— web, intranet, email, mobile, app, on-site digital signage and more.

Automate slow manual processes
AI and machine learning automates and simplifies video and image asset workflows such as tagging, cropping and manipulating for viewing on various devices, reducing content creation work time from hours to seconds.


Create more relevant experiences

Rules-based personalisation
Deliver the most relevant information to employees based on roles, authorisation, location and other insights by activating our simple out-of-the-box rules. Or quickly set up customised rules — no coding necessary.

Connect and streamline digital experiences
Make information more accessible and improve collaboration by integrating applications and services such as single sign-on authentication, search engines, email and knowledge management systems using connectors and open APIs.


Update information in real time

Up-to-the-minute digital signage
Keep employees informed, engaged and safe by quickly publishing content from your intranet to digital signage. Content can be quickly customised base on rules such as locations, sensors or insights.

Compliant, responsive digital forms
Automatically convert existing pdf forms into mobile-responsive forms that employees can find, fill and compliantly sign on any device — no paper required. And, reusable form fragments translate updates across multiple forms automatically.


Have a secure, scalable platform

Enterprise-level security
Give IT and operations teams peace of mind by building your employee portal on highly secure (ISO-27001, SOC-2 certifications) cloud foundation that automatically updates and protects against unpredictable outages.

Modular and scalable
Extend communications and information access to a globally distributed, mobile workforce through a modular, cloud-native architecture designed to auto-scale within seconds, so it’s always current, connected and up to date.

Only Adobe supports all information channels from one centralised system

Experience Manager streamlines workflows across the entire organisation, leveraging AI and machine learning to speed employee communications across devices and enhance digital collaboration.


Customer stories

These companies built a cohesive employee experience across departments, locations and communication channels.

Customer story

Citrix improves employee engagement by 96%

With Experience Manager, Citrix streamlined workflows and personalised its employee intranet, increasing engagement and boosting productivity.

Customer story

Adobe empowers over 20,000 employees

Adobe built an award-winning intranet that delivers real-time, relevant content across any device — including on-sight digital signage — and keeps employees connected.


Employee network proves invaluable during COVID-19

Walmart’s intranet, backed by Experience Manager, connects over two million employees and provided crucial, real-time updates when COVID-19 hit.

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