Cloud Manager

Speed the delivery of new digital experiences and updates with high performance and security with Cloud Manager.

Make innovation automatic.

Your business is in a constant state of growth and evolution — and that means continuously pushing the latest and greatest features, updates and experiences to your audience. While it’s par for the course, these continual updates can also can be time- and resource-consuming, often landing them on the back burner.

Cloud Manager gives organisations access to functionality that enables developers to add automation to application development practices. With an open-API approach, Cloud Manager enables your development teams to easily use Adobe-optimised technology without disrupting existing processes and tools.

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CI/CD Pipeline

Easily merge development workflows using pipelines optimised for Adobe Experience Manager.

Code scan

Identify functional, performance and security risks by thoroughly scanning the code based on engineering best practices.

API Connectivity

Use the Adobe I/O Console to integrate existing deployment systems.

Flexible deployment

Deployments can be automated, scheduled or manual, giving you the flexibility to deliver changes any time, even outside of business hours.

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Reduce deployment times

Development teams to reduce deployment time for version upgrades, launches and deployments.

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Project workflows

Create projects to manage team workflows in a shared environment and monitor them with automatic notifications. And track projects and approvals with out-of-the-box workflows.

Version control

Track your published site at any point in time using versioning and Timewarp. Create a snapshot of a page to restore any version or go back in time to see how the page looked at any point previously.

Responsive web design

Streamline and reuse content across devices, with elements like layout, text size, content, navigation and images that automatically adjust to fit the device your customer prefers.

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