Adobe Target Pricing & Packages

Different businesses have different needs, so we offer flexible licensing and configuration options. Get a version of Adobe Target that is tailored exactly to fit your organisation. Because each solution is customised-fit for your organisation's needs, here are some of the considerations for pricing.

Pricing considerations


Product options

Adobe Target specialises in enterprise-gradient software built to suit your needs. Adobe also supports a quick set-up for emerging testing and personalisation organisations.



Another factor in pricing is the volume of digital properties on which Adobe Target is implemented.


Omnichannel delivery

Target offers the most flexible personalisation delivery in the market including web, mobile app, email, IOT and more.

The ROI of personalisation.


Discover all the AI-powered capabilities in Adobe Target.
48% of marketers that implemented personalisation on websites achieved double-digit lift in revenue.


Dive deep into specific AI capabilities of Adobe Target with Beyond A/B Testing.
Recommended products had a 70% higher conversion rate, which led to 55% upon return sessions.


Dive deep into specific AI capabilities of Adobe Target with Beyond A/B Testing.
80% of consumers are more likely to do business with companies that offer personalised experiences.

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Get customised pricing for Adobe Target.

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