The Definitive Guide To Mobile Marketing

About the Guide

How mobile marketing will benefit you

Mobile marketing has huge potential—after all, 79% of smartphone users have their phone on or near them for all but two hours of their day; furthermore, we found that 49% of people own two mobile devices. That said, tapping into this potential takes planning. Mobile trends occur at breakneck speeds and it takes dedication to keep up. Rather quickly, customers are paying more attention—and dollars—to mobile. From SMS to email and mobile apps, each touchpoint requires careful consideration when building out a modern mobile marketing strategy.

The downside to the surge of this trend toward handheld devices is that it can create a fragmented experience for subscribers if done wrong. Not only will your mobile outreach need to be continuous with your other marketing efforts, it needs to be personalised to the reader's needs, interests and level of attention while on their device. The good news is that as the market evolves, technology will allow for more effective and focused ways of communicating with buyers.

Once the strategy is in place, mobile marketing can be a fast and direct way to communicate directly to your consumers. As an intimate channel, mobile marketing is also a space that allows for real-time personalisation, which drives demand and brand value at any point in the customer lifecycle.

What's in the guide?

By building out a mobile marketing plan, you'll be including an integral piece of the puzzle in your holistic marketing strategy. This unique touchpoint not only keeps you intimately connected with your customers, but also provides important behavioural data that will inform cross-platform efforts and ultimately increase ROI.

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