Adobe Trust Report 2022: APAC

Trust between brands and consumers across Asia Pacific has become harder to forge amid the rising digital economy. The Adobe Trust Report 2022: APAC reveals what’s driving trust, and the significant benefits for brands that get it right.

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Watch our APAC Trust Webinar, where experts Gabbi Stubbs, Lead Product Marketing and Product Strategy for Data Management and AI & ML solutions at Adobe APAC, and Thomas Barta, global marketing leadership expert and former McKinsey partner, will explore what makes and breaks trust at each digital touchpoint along the customer journey.

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Winning or losing customers is a matter of trust.

Consumer preferences are ever-changing, but never more than in the past two years. APAC business leaders admit it’s now more difficult to gain consumer trust as expectations of the digital brand experience change.

As digitally savvy APAC consumers demand more from brands, businesses are responding to keep pace. But the report shows there is room for improvement. According to consumers, personal and valuable experiences, data security and great content can all deliver a trust dividend– if done well. Missteps can put hard-fought loyalty and consumer spend on the line.

Bridging the trust gap.

While there is near-unanimous agreement among businesses that consumers are happy to entrust their personal data, 85% have concerns about how it’s being used. Consumers see transparency, control, and clear value as crucial to a trust exchange.


of APAC brands think consumers trust them to keep their data safe.

Striking a personal balance.

Consumers recognise the benefits of receiving attention from brands on a personal level, but also know the difference between a good and bad experience. 74% say that trust falls when personalisation is executed poorly, with creepy brand experiences topping the list.


of APAC consumers say trust rises with tech-driven personalisation.

The power of trustworthy content.

While the vast majority of consumers believe that great, creative content can build trust, 82% are worried about the integrity of information they receive. Most also say it’s the people and businesses creating content that should be responsible for its trustworthiness.


of APAC consumers say relevant, personal and timely content boosts trust.

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