In conversation with Cotton On

Keeping pace with content demands to create "wow" experiences

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Length: 40 min

At the heart of every standout customer experience, there’s an emotional connection, with great content playing a pivotal role. But according to the latest Digital Trends 2023 research, just 26% of CX practitioners in APAC think their organization is good at delivering content in the first place.

Join us for a fireside discussion with one of the fastest growing retail groups internationally — Cotton On. We'll learn why it's one of the exceptional few keeping pace with rising content volumes and complexity to create new levels of connection and advocacy.

In this 40-minute session, we will explore:

  • What’s critical to meeting customer expectations in the face of mounting content demands?
  • What does it take to align people, processes, and technology to drive collaboration and to deliver 'wow' experiences?
  • How to apply technology to ignite creativity and to empower the future of work and innovation?
  • What are the outcomes of accelerating content and production times to increase speed to market?

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Event Speakers

Janett Haas

Rob Hede

Head of Customer Experience
Cotton On Brands

Timothy Plumer

Jim Clark

Research Director

Hina Naqvi

Mike McHugh

Senior Manager, Solution Consulting


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