2022 Digital Trends: Public Sector in Focus

Dive into 2022 Digital Trends — Public Sector in Focus and learn how government entities are upgrading their technology infrastructures to meet public expectations for inclusive, equitable, and accessible digital services.

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May 10, 2022 Washington D.C.

Digital experiences that put people first.

Learn from experts and discover simple, seamless, and secure solutions.

Deliver the digital experience citizens expect.

Expand your impact with modern, people-centric web experiences.

Expand your impact with modern, people-centric web experiences.

It’s time for digital experiences to better serve citizens, businesses and government employees. With rich analytics, content management and multi-channel communication tools, your agency can improve your impact. 

Personalise citizen outreach and engagement.

Personalise citizen outreach and engagement.

The people you serve expect the same digital experiences they get every day. They want online interactions that are personal, seamless and easy to access from any device. Watch the Symposium panel discuss how to identify, segment and personalise citizen and employee communication.

Document and forms modernisation for more efficient government.

Document and forms modernisation for more efficient government.

Digital documents, modern forms and electronic signatures save citizens and government employees thousands of hours a year, reduce costs and improve the speed of service delivery. Learn how we used digital documents and forms to help agencies improve the way they find, train and support foster parents.

Personalise citizen outreach and engagement.

Shred the paper and toss the pen with e-signatures.

E-signatures make life better for citizens and government employees. We make it legal, secure and digital — from start to finish. Watch how the State of Hawaii saved $5 million and dramatically improved citizen access to services.

Why Read This Report

Government organizations benefit from chief customer officers (CCOs) who connect leaders and employees to customer data, bridge silos, and democratize customer experience (CX) best practices. This report profiles six CX leaders at a variety of government organizations.

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Content production at enterprise scale.

Adobe leads in content personalisation, with AI-powered workflows that let marketers create and deliver content variations across channels in minutes — not days — independent of IT and creative teams.

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Real-time data, real-time activation.

Adobe offers the only enterprise-gradient customer data platform, unifying data from all channels — Adobe and non-Adobe — into real-time profiles, for highly personalised experiences.

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Seamless customer journeys.
Adobe gives you AI-driven decisioning and journey orchestration based on real-time customer behaviours so you can deliver rich, timely experiences that are relevant, connected and of course, shoppable.
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