Mobile Marketing

Analytics-driven app marketing toolkit for user acquisition, engagement and retention. Includes push notifications, in-app messaging, intelligent location monitoring, geo fencing, app acquisition tracking and deep-linking.

Make more of mobile.

Mobile is everything today in marketing. More and more, the mobile device is a customer’s primary point of interaction with your brand, so it’s critical that you not only gain insights about mobile behaviour, but can act on those insights as well. In many situations, however, the ability to take advantage of mobile has required a number of different solutions, which don’t always play well together.

Get comprehensive and predictive insights that help you to maximise the return on mobile investments with Adobe Mobile App Analytics.

Mobile app acquisition tracking

Measure acquisition tactics for your mobile apps to know which campaigns are working, then use data to make the right spending choices accordingly.

Mobile app messaging

Monitor location-aware experiences such as GPS or beacons to identify customers within definite geographical areas (i.e., geofencing) and target them with the right message.

Adobe Experience Cloud integration

The Mobile Core Service SDK works with other Adobe products, like Audience Manager, Target, Campaign and Adobe Advertising Cloud to create a one-stop mobile shop for marketing.

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Understand app usage.

Watch this video to see how flow analysis can help you to understand how your customers are interacting with your app.

Acquire new users.

See how you can acquire new app users through paid, owned and earned media by using Adobe Mobile Services.

Get the details on mobile marketing.

Check out the Adobe Experience Cloud Help section on Adobe Mobile Services for details on managing apps, settings, reports and more.

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Multichannel data collection

Our open measurement protocol can capture data from virtually any source (i.e., voice, video, audio, connected car, IoT, CRM, Intranet etc.) Or, use our data collection library for Javascript and mobile app SDKs.

Advanced segmentation

Our Segmentation IQ feature allows you to discover the most statistically significant differences among an unlimited number of segments through an automated analysis of every metric and dimension. Automatically uncover key characteristics of the segments that are driving your company’s KPIs.

Remarketing triggers

Our robust set of triggers let marketers identify, define and monitor key consumer behaviours and then generate cross-solution communication (e.g., email) to re-engage visitors.

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