Theme Editor

Create your organisation’s customised branding once and apply it to every form and document so your customers have consistent and engaging experiences in every interaction with your brand.

There’s a theme to this.

Building a brand is hard work — but you’ve done it. And now that you’ve got the branding, it’s your job to ensure it’s represented across every experience, every platform and every customer interaction.

Now, with theme editor, you can create your organisation’s customised branding once and apply it everywhere — to every form, every document and every communication. The end result? Your core branding sits at the centre of every experience, for more consistent, cohesive customer journeys every time.

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Simplified theme creation
With theme editor, you can easily create a theme, edit or copy existing themes and manage dependency for all themes.

Define your unique details
Create themes and instantly apply them to your forms. Choose all styling details for components and panels, including background colours, transparency, alignment and size.

Easily modify theme styling
Experience Manager Forms handles metadata for theme definition, then launches theme editor to enable simple styling modifications and more.

Out-of-the-box access
Adobe Experience Manager Forms delivers standard with a variety of themes that correspond to form and communication templates.

Learn more about theme editor in Adobe Experience Manager.

Learn more about theme editor

Create and reuse themes.

Discover how to create compelling themes, then revisit and reuse them for upcoming forms in our Help section.

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Get to know templates.

Learn how to use, import and export templates to create adaptive forms in our Help section.

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Multichannel communication

Create, preview and publish mobile-responsive web and print-ready communications within a single editor by dragging and dropping reusable content from channel to channel.

Fragment-based authoring

Let specific users across multiple forms and documents create, approve and publish reusable fragments — like an address block or legal disclaimer — to ensure compliance.

Automated Forms Conversion

Automatically convert all your legacy PDF forms and traditional input fields to digital, mobile-responsive, adaptive forms that connect with analytics and themes, powered by Adobe Sensei.

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