Operational confidence. Outstanding performance.

Operational confidence is more than a good feeling. It’s knowing that you can scale and support your business as it grows — no matter how fast or how many geographic locations you add. From high performance to security, Magento Commerce, part of Adobe Experience Cloud, gives you the confidence to take your business further, faster.

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Run your commerce operations with confidence.

You’re the superhero of your business — always trying to exceed shoppers’ expectations while being highly efficient and productive at everything you do. You can still be the superhero, but with the added confidence that nothing will go wrong.

With Magento Commerce, you can reduce time to market and reduce the cost of commerce changes and content deployment across multiple sites, all while reducing dependence on IT for changes.
With the use of APIs and our commerce marketplace, it’s also simple to integrate third-party applications or extend capabilities for an even more powerful shopper experience that increases conversion and engagement.  

Scale and grow as needed with a cloud deployment and an open and customisable platform that lets you provide a cohesive commerce experience on any channel. This gives your customers a stellar experience no matter what channel, while giving you the confidence that your commerce site and customer data are secure and always operational. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Adobe can help.

Magento Commerce can take a load off your shoulders by reducing financial, legal, compliance and IT risk. But it can also alleviate the pressure of trying to do it all and achieve it all when resources are tight and priorities are long. With an open and customisable platform that can be configured and customised to your unique requirements and a marketplace of thousands of ready-made extensions, you can support more sophisticated campaigns and simplify processes.

Our cloud deployment alleviates the burden of managing IT and infrastructure while bringing confidence that your store and customer data have the highest levels of protection against malicious threats. And, when you have seasonal sales or other growth demands, you can automatically scale to meet high traffic. Finally, with APIs, you can create a more holistic experience by integrating all your e-commerce systems. Easier, faster and cost-effective — that’s scale and support the Magento Commerce way.

“We needed agility across multiple segments of the platform and a sustainable cost structure that would pave the way for our global deployment plan.”

Herriot Stobo, Director, Omnichannel Innovation and Solutions, HP

Operational Confidence Features


Gain assurance your data is secure.

Extended Capabilities

Improve your e-commerce capabilities with extensions, themes and connectors, allowing you to upgrade current features, add new ones and integrate with third-party software quickly and easily.

Optimised Performance

Run your commerce operations with the confidence that you can exceed customer expectations.

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