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The Experience Makers
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The Experience Makers

We’re excited to share with you the recordings of the The Experience Makers webcasts.

Great experiences don’t just happen. They require a total rethink. From marketing to supply chain to customer support. Hear the stories behind leading brands that are making experience their business. A series hosted by experts featuring digital leaders in creativity, marketing and e-commerce. How they are shaping their business around the customer to drive success. Find out how Adobe solutions can contribute to transform your business into an experience business.

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Recorded on Tuesday 9 June 2020

Know your customers from every angle
Powered by*** Analytics | Audience Manager | Advertising Cloud | Campaign*Presenters
Patrick Douwsma (Adobe)
John Greca** (Carrefour)
Siegert Dierickx (Multiminds)


Recorded on Friday 12 June 2020
Make enrollment paperless and painless
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Thomas Vandierendonck (OZ)
Bert Swinnen (iDA Mediafoundry)
Marc Meewis (Adobe)


Recorded on Tuesday 23 June 2020

How to stay relevant to your customers Powered by Experience Manager | Campaign | AnalyticsPresentersSampo von Raesfeld (DSM)
Benoit Lamairesse (GrandVision)
Tu Ngo (Accenture)
Kris Manshoven (Adobe)


Recorded on Tuesday 30 June 2020

Orchestrate campaigns across channels
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Patrick Goysens (Belfius Insurance)
Lieselotte Drijvers (Business & Decision)
Marc Meewis (Adobe)


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