Customer Data Feeds

Download bulk data including user IDs, trait IDs, segment IDs and other parameters that can be used for custom analysis or modeling in external systems and brought back into Audience Manager as segments.

Extract data with no limits. Seriously.

When you work within a data management platform (DMP), you gain access to big customer data — from your own first-party data to third-party data and everything in-between. It’s all at your fingerprints. There are, however, sometimes limits to how you can use that data within the user interface of your DMP.

With a bulk download of data, like a customer data feed (CDF) file, you can work with data outside the limits imposed by your DMP. This allows you to do things like create exports for analysis or modeling and then ingest custom output back into Audience Manager as segments.

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Flexible export
Raw data can be exported in a flexible manner keyed off customer IDs. Any reporting available in Audience Manager can also be easily downloaded into an Excel file.

Native functionality
Create data feeds that can be exported directly from Audience Manager without incurring extra costs or requiring customer engineering work.

Easy access
Data can be dropped in an S3 Bucket or transferred via Secure FTP directly to a customer’s in-house environment.

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