Meet customers wherever they are with modern app experiences.

Brands have to find faster and easier ways to create customer-focused experiences at scale. To make that happen, both marketers and developers need the right tools to experiment quickly.


Marketers and developers need a nimble environment to innovate fast

Digital consumers are giving marketers new challenges every day. They’re consuming more rich media across web and mobile apps. They want more engaging experiences. They want faster-loading web pages — and so do the search engine algorithms. 


To keep customers engaged, marketers and developers need to work together to rapidly build and test experiences that make the most of modern app and headless technologies. It's all about reducing complexity while delivering content that spans channels, from web and mobile to in-store signs, single-page applications (SPAs), and IoT apps. 


But marketers and developers can find it hard to collaborate effectively, launch content and campaigns quickly, and integrate these new experiences within the organizational workflows and standards.


Adobe can help.

Modern App Experiences provides the features developers need, with marketer-friendly functionality to help drive efficiency and scale for experience management.


Developers can use robust tools that help ensure code quality, manage app performance, and move projects from setup to development to production at a rapid pace — all within a scalable and secure cloud environment. IT can also leverage a hybrid CMS that provides a modern web architecture including microservices and API delivery to create high-performing web and mobile apps, or any new channel experience.


Marketers can author and edit content, while developers can quickly connect and source the right content for campaigns. The result is a high-velocity collaboration style that lets you deliver engaging and personalized experiences, measure their effectiveness, and then iterate in an ongoing cycle of innovation.


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Create once, use everywhere

With CMS efficiencies, build content and experiences once and re-using them everywhere to augment agile teams and projects.

On-demand developer environments

Quickly spin up developer environments to create and test new campaigns and experiences.

Modern tool support

Work in agile modern tools like React, Angular, or any other JS framework while staying connected with the brand experience and ensuring consistency across channels.

Editor self-service

Allow marketers and content authors to edit content without using up developer resources no matter what channel the content appears in – including IoT, SPAs, or voice assistants for example. 

Enterprise-grade governance

Secure the integrity of your customer experiences while ensuring all editors work within the guardrails of customizable governance workflows and access control.


“With Adobe Experience Manager, our content authors can quickly publish news and thought leadership that’s relevant to companies’ interests or current events. This encourages a much more positive view of NRG and helps push companies toward becoming a customer.”

Steven Lin
Senior Digital Manager, NRG Energy, Inc.

Modern app experiences features

Headless CMS

Adobe Experience Manager Sites provides the most innovation-friendly content delivery tools in the market, enabling you to use and reuse content across web, mobile, and emerging channels — including those that have yet to be developed.

Single-page app editing

Edit and manage single-page applications (SPAs) built on open-source frameworks like React and Angular with the same drag-and-drop editor you use for websites.

Out-of-the-box components

Create pages with backward-compatible and flexible out-of-the-box components like bread crumbs, forms, page navigation, search teasers, and search, saving time for both authors and developers.

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