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Government agencies are moving toward online experiences that put people first. By upgrading digital solutions, agencies can improve service delivery, reduce long-term costs, and simplify employee processes.

Learn how the 2020 Census is doing just that.


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Create digital experiences that engage the public and help achieve your mission

The people you serve expect their digital government interactions to be personal, easy, and secure. You can do this by effectively guiding people to what they need, when they need it. Plus, you can help your employees deliver their expertise and services efficiently.

Unify disparate websites and systems into a single, consistent customer experience platform, while empowering authoring autonomy across departments.

Eliminate technical debt, breakdown data silos and scale for the future with a secure, open standard platform.

Connect, predict and personalize interactions across web, mobile, and email to create a continuous customer experience.

Streamline and optimize complex digital interactions across any device with personalized, secure, compliant forms and digital signatures.

Reduce redundancies, automate complex workflows and better create, manage, and quickly deliver optimized content across customer touchpoints.

United States Census Bureau


“The 2020 Census.Gov will have overarching navigation that gets right to the point with the tasks and things that people are trying to do. You’ll see compelling images, videos, and other aspects that will allow you to go into it right away and do something. You’ll see a big CTA.”

Stephen Buckner, Assistant Communications Director, U.S. Census Bureau

For the first time ever, the 2020 U.S. Census will accept responses online. It is estimated that 180 million people will take the Census survey online. And for every 1% of the population that takes the survey online, taxpayers will save an estimated $15 million.

United States Census Bureau

How to unify your government for the digital age

Web modernization

Empower your content authors with industry-leading web solutions that help manage their workflow and improve the digital experiences they can deliver to the public.

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Outreach and engagement

Better reach the public with vital information across multiple devices, automate interactions to reduce manual processes and deliver personalized messages that increase engagement.

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Forms modernization

Increase accessibility to information and services, reduce manual document processing and make it easier for people to complete forms and transactions online.

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Electronic signatures

In just one click - the public, your employees and businesses can sign electronic documents quickly and securely.

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