Looking to acquire new customers without relying on third-party cookies? Adobe Real-Time CDP has you covered

Looking to acquire new customers without relying on third-party cookies? Adobe Real-Time CDP has you covered marquee

It’s no secret that acquiring new customers is at the top of every CMO’s to-do list. When asked about their top goals for 2023, 73% of markers answered that “customer acquisition” was at the top of the list. But that goal of acquiring new customers is seemingly becoming harder to achieve due to the continued deprecation of third-party cookies. Fortunately, Adobe Real-Time CDP has future-proof solutions for you to continue driving top-of-funnel use cases and advancing prospects to becoming loyal customers — all in one single system.

2024 is when Google will deprecate third-party cookies from Chrome graphic

Historically, marketers have focused acquisition efforts via channels rooted in third-party cookies. Looking back several years, third-party cookies seemed to be a panacea in providing marketers with access to easy scale. But this approach has become increasingly threatened as more and more browsers have ceased to support third-party cookies due to consumer privacy concerns. Today, roughly 50% of the market is already third-party cookie free.

In 2024, Google Chrome, the last of the browsers that currently supports third-party cookies, will cease their support for the anonymous identifier as well. With all of this change underway, the 75% of marketers who still heavily rely on third-party cookies for 60% of their personalization use cases will be impacted unless new methods are implemented. What’s clear is that marketers need help to continue supporting their acquisition strategies in a futureproof way.

How Adobe Real-Time CDP helps with acquisition

Enter Adobe Real-Time CDP to help marketers through this seismic industry shift. Real-Time CDP has supported use cases across the customer lifecycle for years and is now introducing new capabilities to further enable marketers with their acquisition-focused efforts — without relying on third-party cookies.

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Finding and targeting new prospects

Today’s marketers question how they can continue to run prospecting campaigns at scale without third-party cookie-based audiences. Real-Time CDP has launched a brand new Partner Data framework that allows customers to safely ingest, manage, and activate identity-durable third-party data sets for prospecting and enrichment. Data partners can be of a customer’s choosing and based on trusted existing relationships. Adobe doesn’t operate a data sales business and encourages customers to test and optimize various partner datasets to find what works best for their business objectives.

In tandem, marketers can also make use of our data collaboration toolset, Segment Match, to add second-party data to bolster these efforts by enriching a brand’s own first-party data with another entity’s first-party data. With Real-Time CDP, customers can then use these enriched audiences when activating across relevant channels including Google, Meta, TikTok, and many more to find and acquire new customers at scale without third-party cookies.

Personalizing and retargeting to upper-funnel visitors

Context-driven personalization is at the core of successful customer experiences, but it’s challenging to provide these great experiences when little is known about an anonymous prospect. Successful prospecting campaigns drive large volumes of traffic to a brand’s site, but the next challenge is personalizing digital experiences for new visitors or returning visitors who don’t log in or authenticate. Generic customer experiences may generate low conversion rates and result in new visitors not finding information, products, or services they’re looking for.

Using our new Partner Data framework, brands can use durable third-party data for enrichment. With Partner Data, a brand can transform a once unknown individual into a future customer with thousands of potential signals and attributes to inform a more meaningful and contextual brand experience. Beyond enrichment, customers of Real-Time CDP can make use of our real-time personalization tools. By using our distributed Edge Network, brands can instantly personalize and message to potential customers based first-party engagement data and partner attribute data. Real-Time CDP helps brands move anonymous visitors through the funnel with confidence.

Advancing your first-party foundation

Once you’ve achieved prospective customer engagement, the strategy quickly turns to maximizing the conversion opportunity. Real-Time CDP helps customers realize this opportunity by providing the tools to build a first-party data strategy that is not threatened by third-party cookie deprecation and other market forces. Easy-to-use data science-backed capabilities maximize the value of first-party data and turn insights into action. We’re introducing Look-Alike Audiences to help with these efforts. Look-Alike Audiences use AI/ML to take an identified valuable audience and find more and similar audiences to scale personalization efforts. This builds upon existing data collaboration tooling to expand audiences with second-party data and marketer-friendly propensity scoring models to identify audiences more likely to convert. Real-Time CDP provides acquisition teams with the right capabilities that are easy to adopt to advance their first-party data foundation and turn prospects into customers.

Evolving cookieless media strategy

The shift away from third-party cookies represents a dramatic change in overall strategy, but this change is perhaps felt most deeply in the space of media targeting. The future abilities for advertisers to effectively activate, optimize, and attribute their efforts have been uncertain as the industry landscape rapidly changes. With Real-Time CDP, we’re turning this challenge into an opportunity by providing a two-pronged activation approach: 1) server-side event forwarding allows data to be sent to relevant destinations without third-party cookies, and 2) offering an expansive set of addressable destinations for sophisticated audience personalization across channels.

Evolving cookieless media strategy graphic

With key endpoints including Google and Meta introducing conversion APIs for audience activation and retargeting use cases, it’s critical for brands to evolve their data collection and tagging strategy. Real-Time CDP provides a library of server-side extensions with extensive data controls and quick-start workflows to facilitate cookieless data collection and event forwarding for activation in these channels.

More broadly, Real-Time CDP offers prebuilt integrations for profile and audience activation that utilize patented data governance controls for teams to market responsibly. A newly available integration with LiveRamp adds access to additional destinations and activation based on LiveRamp’s RampID. These integrations help customers achieve scale without third-party cookies and while complying with regional and organizational regulations. Brands can rest assured that Real-Time CDP helps them evolve successful media strategies for acquisition.

Acquisition and growth with Real-Time CDP

Every business needs to do two things to grow — find and acquire new customers and increase the lifetime value of those customers. Adobe Real-Time CDP supports use cases across the customer lifecycle and gives marketers the complete tooling to solve for acquisition without relying on third-party cookies. From new data sources in the form of partner data, new collaboration and audience creation tools, and connectivity to an expanded set of channels, Real-Time CDP helps brands reach prospective customers via new, safer, and more durable mechanisms. With Real-Time CDP, brands are executing on a winning acquisition strategy.

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