How behavioral analytics helps you understand your customers

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Behavioral analytics definition

What, exactly, is behavioral analytics, and how can understanding these analytics help your business? It’s a subsection of data analytics that businesses use to reveal insights into the actions of people, focusing on how customers act and why. It includes demographic and geographic data but can go deeper by profiling a user’s past buying activity. By getting to know their customers, companies can improve a product to achieve business goals more quickly.

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How to successfully use behavioral analytics

Behavioral analytics starts with hard data on customers. Take, for example, an online advertiser who wants to send the right offer at the right time to customers. They’ll analyze demographic data, any past search or social information, and a locational market to put the user into a bigger group, sometimes called a cohort. Then the user is served ads that match the ads that have the highest success rate with that group.

How to successfully use behavioral analytics

Key takeaways of behavioral analytics

How to understand the customer journey and hit business goals

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