Connected MarTech Solutions Are Key to Efficiency

We operate in a world where upwards of 78% of consumers spend more time researching a brand online than they do in a store, according to Google and Kelton Global, and where Amazon, Alibaba’s Tmall, and are vying to become the world’s largest retailers. Yet, despite the vast and still-growing digital commercial ecosystem, many companies still struggle with their digital presence.

But how, exactly, can complex companies provide a rich web experience to users, while still maintaining brand consistency and automating processes for efficiency? We talked to Conner Josey, Director of Digital Enterprise Strategy & Marketing at BT Enterprise, to hear how his team uses Adobe Experience Manager’s integration with Siteimprove to do just that. Watch the full video here.

The right platforms increase performance and accuracy

To achieve team efficiency, Steve Hennigs, Senior Enterprise Account Executive with Siteimprove stressed the importance of using an integrated solution, like AEM and Siteimprove. “With the integration between Adobe Experience Manager and Siteimprove, our joint customers can access the features of Siteimprove from within the AEM editing environment. This means they can work more efficiently and deliver higher quality web solutions to their users.”

According to Chief MarchTech, the number of available marketing technology platforms has increased from about 150 in 2011 to 7,040 tools in 2019. That’s an overwhelming number of tools—many of which perform niche functions and don’t necessarily integrate with mainstay marketing tools.

Without an optimized and integrated martech solution, marketing teams end up working in silos without the guiding light of web analytics data, which leads to fewer insights and more errors. With an integrated martech platform, teams can deliver web content that has a consistent look and feel, optimize team capacity and time, and deliver a seamless customer experience.

To that end, we spoke to Conner Josey at BT Enterprise, whose team uses Adobe Experience Manager’s integration with Siteimprove. This integration has made it possible for Josey’s team to deliver a higher quality experience with fewer errors.

“First and foremost, the integration between Siteimprove and AEM allows us to work even more efficiently. We are able to update and customize our internal workflows and provide higher quality digital customers experiences, much faster and more efficiently. We can support launching new digital experiences at a much faster pace, which means we can test on our projects much more frequently with higher accuracy, and ensure quality is central to the experience we deliver for our customers,” said Josey.

Web presence must be automated as much as possible

While connected martech platforms will give marketing teams the tools they need to deliver a smooth customer experience and collaborate, 58% of companies still use very manual digital strategies.

However, to stay competitive, marketing teams need to aggressively use automation tools that leave them in control of their brand, but free to focus on the value-add rather than drudgery.

Josey’s team at BT Enterprise is doing just that. “With Siteimprove, we have all the necessary tools to work more efficiently in our digital teams, optimize workflows and reduce our time-to-market for new projects,” he said.

“We use the integration to automatically scan our websites on a regular basis. Our editorial and development teams can then prioritize fixes based on their level of severity, which fundamentally improves the digital customer experience,” he continued.

The integration, which was facilitated by Valtech, streamlines workflows and enables teams to fix errors and optimize content directly in the editing environment. Once a page is published, any changes a user makes are re-checked instantly, which increases productivity, reduces the time your team spends on manual tasks and reduces time-to-market. The integration also allows users to:

Maximize your most important digital asset: your website

Competition in the digital space is fierce and customer demands are rising. The only way to keep up is to increase team performance and accuracy with the right platforms and automate web presence as much as possible

We’ve heard from companies over and over again at Adobe Summit that managing a successful digital presence is easier with Adobe Experience Manager, but maintaining content quality is still a huge challenge. Manually checking for content quality errors, accessibility issues, and organic SEO isn’t possible in today’s marketing landscape.

By streamlining your workflows and embracing automation, you can ensure your online content is optimized for performance, and you’ll ensure you’re always delivering exceptional user experiences. Watch this recorded webinar to learn more about how you can maximize the value of your website.