6 ways big data can improve customer experiences

A customer's experience using a laptop and a mobile phone is improved with big data.

As a business leader in the digital world, you prioritize customer experience (CX). You know you need data to understand and improve the way customers interact with your brand. But you might not know how big data fits into the conversation — how it differs from traditional data and why it’s so closely tied to CX.

The amount of data that businesses have access to is growing every year, but few companies are taking advantage of these large datasets as they should. Read on for a better understanding of what big data is and how you can use it to elevate the customer experience.

What is big data, and how is it different?

Big data is data that comes in sets so large they are difficult to manage all at once. That might sound subjective, but it’s more technical than that. To be considered “big data,” it needs to have all three Vs:

Think of the difference between traditional data and big data as the difference between the water coming from a sink faucet and the water coming from a fire hose — or several fire hoses at once. Normal data is easier to control, monitor, and process, either manually or using simple tools. However, traditional data techniques and software cannot process big data. Normal data analytics simply can’t keep up.

How can big data improve customer experience?

With this flood of digital information, you might think that big data is just about crunching numbers and that it has nothing to do with real people. However, when you know how to handle it, big data opens the door to connecting with many more customers at an individual level. And those interactions with real people are what customer experience is all about.

You can use big data to improve customer experience in these six ways:

1. Personalize

2. Reduce friction

3. Understand customer behavior

4. Target the right customers

6. Build customer loyalty

Getting started with big data and customer experience

With big data, you can gather information and recognize patterns that would otherwise be impossible to understand, and you can respond to it in real time to create consistent and impressive experiences that will keep customers coming back for more. Customers love it when you cater to them and when they feel they are important to the company. With big data, you can save them time and perform a service that benefits you both.

The first step in using big data to improve your customer experience is having a platform that makes real-time customer experiences possible. Adobe Experience Platform does that and more.

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