Engage buyers with generative AI-powered conversations in Adobe Dynamic Chat

Engage buyers with generative AI-powered conversations in Adobe Dynamic Chat marquee

Conversational marketing solutions are an efficient way to qualify leads and engage customers earlier in the buying journey. Adobe Dynamic Chat is a powerful conversational marketing solution natively built into Adobe Marketo Engage, designed with automated, live, and generative AI chat functionality. Dynamic Chat yields higher conversions, faster follow-up engagement, improved sales velocity, and lower cost per lead.

Generative AI chat is embedded in Dynamic Chat, enabling freeform, two-way conversations in your chatbot. It unlocks efficiencies in creating and activating chat campaigns, while also providing on-brand and accurate information to customers. In this article, we’ll expand on the specific generative AI features that make this possible:

Assisted responses for marketing and conversation assist for sales inbox image

Assisted responses for marketing and conversation assist for sales

A common obstacle many users face when implementing conversational marketing solutions is the time it takes a marketer to create personalized conversations. Often, marketers recognize that site visitors can get frustrated by rigid, generic bot responses that don’t answer their questions. They expect more personalized and self-service experiences.

With the assisted response feature in Dynamic Chat, marketers can generate a library of question-and-answer pairs from a content knowledge base to review, approve, and then use to build generative AI chat campaigns quickly. The chat campaigns power chatbot conversations on your website so visitors can engage in a dynamic self-serve conversation. As new questions are uncovered in these conversations, marketers gain a repository of unanswered questions to add to the response library and keep the knowledge base up to date.

If a visitor decides they are ready to talk to a live sales agent, the conversation assist feature pulls recommended responses from the library directly into the sales agent inbox. These marketing-approved, AI-generated responses enable sales agents to engage in live chat conversations quickly and accurately.

Assisted responses and conversation assist create efficiencies for marketing and sales teams and ensure they are aligned in messaging. Marketers can set up campaigns quickly to deliver relevant and appropriate responses for site visitors. And sales agents are better prepared to have effective conversations with buyers.

Generative AI sales shortcuts and conversation summaries

Sales agents might be engaging with multiple site visitors simultaneously, making it hard to have accurate yet personalized conversations. And with frequent product releases and updates, these messages need to be up to date to ensure prospects have the latest solution or product information.

In this case, a sales agent may want to add more information to a pre-built response generated by conversation assist, or even fine-tune the response to make it more relevant to the live chat conversation. Sales reps can leverage Dynamic Chat’s generative AI sales shortcuts tool to query the library of AI-generated responses and edit the response to the context of the conversation. Agents can also use the sales shortcuts feature to search directly in their agent inbox for additional educational content on the website, such as support documentation or product help, that they can include as resources in their responses to buyers.

Then, once a customer is scheduled to meet with a sales agent, the conversation summaries feature in Dynamic Chat appears directly in both their customer relationship management system and their agent inbox to provide a summary of prior conversations, key discussion topics, and other historic visitor engagements across chat and other digital channels. Conversation summaries cut down on prep time and provide additional insights to ensure productive conversations. With Dynamic Chat’s native integration with Marketo Engage, these summaries are also available as trigger tokens that can be used for further campaign personalization based on topics discussed or questions asked.

How Adobe Dynamic Chat can help you get started with conversational marketing

The generative AI capabilities embedded in Dynamic Chat offer a marketing-controlled approach to incorporating these technologies into your conversational marketing strategy, in addition to improving marketing team efficiency and boosting sales velocity. With the full scope of Dynamic Chat’s features, your marketing and sales teams can provide robust and productive customer conversations across digital channels, produce more highly engaged leads, accelerate sales cycles, and deliver more self-service touchpoints in an efficient and personalized way.

To learn more about how the generative AI-capabilities in Adobe Dynamic Chat can improve your conversational marketing strategy, check out our latest product updates and documentation.