9 free email marketing template websites

According to the 2021 State of Email report by Litmus, 76% of brands design emails usingHTML templates. Email marketing templates are game-changers when it comes to saving time,resources, and money on email campaigns—and savvy email marketers are adopting themincreasingly into their workflows. Beautiful, user-friendly layouts build meaningful customer interactions, boosting engagement and improving metrics such as click-through rates.

Luckily, email templates don’t have to be expensive—there are thousands of free onesavailable online. While more email templates mean more chances to find eye-catching layoutsto match your campaigns, it can be overwhelming to sort through all the choices. It’s essential toknow where you can get the best templates to avoid wasting energy scrolling through low-quality or unprofessional options.

To save you time, we’ve put together a list of nine of our favorite resources for free, well-designed email marketing templates.


Stripo event reminder Marketo email template
Stripo promo Marketo email template
Stripo product update Marketo email template

Templates from left to right:Event Reminder Email Template“Important Information” forWebinars industry,Promo Email Template “Made with Love” for Books & Presents & Stationeryindustry, and Product Update Email Template “Latest Release” for Software & Technologyindustry.

No coding skills? No problem.Stripo is an all-in-one email design platform that uses a drag-and-drop interface, making it easy for anyone to create or customize visually appealing emaillayouts. The free HTML template builder is integrated with more than 70 email service providers(ESPs), including Adobe Marketo Engage, and can export with just one click.

Adding brand-specific content likeheaders, footers, product cards, and contact information tocampaigns is effortless with Stripo’s modules library, which allows you to store and updateelements across all of your emails.

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BEE multipurpose email template
BEE Pack it in email template
BEE E-learning blog email template

Email templates from left to right: Multi Purpose Business, Pack it in, Breathe It Out, and E-Learning Blog.

Claiming it’s the “Best Editor Ever,” BEE is another excellent choice for finding and buildingemail templates—especially if you’re a fan of the drag-and-drop method. The platform allowsyou to export anddownload zip files with the HTML to use with any ESP. While transferring theHTML to Marketo is an extra step, you can easily save free templates from BEE and make themeditable within Marketo.

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Unlayer finance newsletter email template
Unlayer event confirmation email template
Unlayer business consulting newsletter email template

Templates from left to right: Finance Newsletter Re-Engagement for Email, Event Confirmation,Newsletter for Business Consulting.

If you want more options to find and build mobile-responsive emails and landing pages, Unlayer has you covered. Similar to BEE and Stripo, Unlayer is a drag-and-drop editor. The templatebuilder is embeddable within apps and features integrations with 10 ESPs as part of the paidlicense plans. The free version includes the option to download your templates and manuallytransfer the HTML to any ESP.

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Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor Your mountain is waiting email template
Campaign Monitor holiday email template
Campaign Monitor Year in review email template

Templates from left to right: Your Mountain is Waiting, Happy Holidays,Year in Review.

Curating campaigns is a cinch with Campaign Monitor, another drag-and-drop editor. You candownload free, professional-quality templates as HTML or CSS files to use with any ESP. Whilethe product itself is not free, you can access no-charge templates and use a free trial version tosend test emails to up to five people, create subscriber lists, and explore journeys and smarttransactional emails.

You don’t need an account to customize free templates on Campaign Monitor,but you do needto submit an email address to download the designs to export to your favorite ESP.

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Knak Cypress email template
Knak Sedona email template
Knak Azores email template

Templates from left to right: Cypress, Sedona, Azores.

If you’re looking for premium templates that are both enterprise-focused and free, Knak is agreat resource. While the pricing plans for this drag-and-drop editor are more expensive thanother options—starting at $10,000 per year for the individual plan—Knak offers over 50 professional-quality templates for landing pages and Marketo and Eloqua emails at no cost.

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Templates from left to right: Mantra (Progress), Neopolitan (Welcome), and Goldstar (Invoice).

Dyspatch is a dynamic drag-and-drop email editor that integrates with almost 20 ESPs, including Marketo, allowing you to export responsive templates with only one click. The platformfeatures an open-source email template project that offers free templates. The library includes11 themes with up to 9 template options each, allowing you to standardize your campaign’svisual appearance across email types.

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99designs email newsletter template
99designs promotional email template
99designs newsletter email template

Templates from left to right: Email Newsletter (in violet); Promotional Email (in green); and Newsletter, Promotional, and Personal Notification Email (in blue).

The global creative platform 99designs by Vista, which connects freelancers and designers inan online community, offers 45-plus free email templates. You can access the responsive HTMLtemplates in seconds by submitting your email address.

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Email templates from left to right: Classy—Free HTML, Creative Boost HTML, and Surreal Estate—Free HTML.

The MailBakery Template Store offers sleek HTML email templates at no cost for variousindustries and campaign categories. While all the templates integrate directly with Mailchimpand Campaign Monitor, the design team offers integrations with other ESPs by request.

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Litmus event invitation email template
Litmus customer loyalty email template
Litmus Transactional Email template

Templates from left to right: Virtual or In-Person Event Invitation, Customer Loyalty: Welcome Letter with Buttons, and Transactional Email: Simply Styled.

Litmus, an all-in-one email marketing platform, offers more than 60 free HTML email templates.The software integrates with 20-plus email marketing tools, including Adobe Experience Cloud and Marketo. You’ll need to create a free account to log in to the community site and access thetemplates, but you’ll be glad you joined. The community offers additional resources such asdiscussion boards, job listings, and learning tools.

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Free email marketing templates are just the beginning

As you can see, there is no shortage of free professional email marketing templates availableonline. Great templates will not only save valuable time and resources, but also strengthencustomer relationships and buildengagement with your brand.

Now that you’re an expert on free email marketing templates, you’re ready to start designingand sending scroll-stopping email campaigns. Expand your skills by reading more about how to design effective emails or jump in with a free template from Stripo.

It’s critical to consider new ways to personalizeyour messaging as you grow your company’s email marketing strategy. Adobe Marketo Engagecan help you meet your customers where they are and craft scalable, responsive emails to take your campaigns to the next level. Learn more about Marketoand how you can build engaging, personalized experiences at scale by taking a product tour.