This Month’s Customer Experience Mishaps To Avoid

This Month's Customer Experience Mishaps To Avoid

It’s common knowledge nowadays that a good customer experience rests its laurels on accurate, structured, real-time data. Yet so many marketers still have moments where they miss the mark.

And because pictures often speak louder than words, we partnered with “Marketoonist” Tom Fishburne to bring to life the importance of real-time data, as well as a keen understanding of your customers. Below, you’ll find our November collection of “CX Mishap” cartoons that poke fun at some of the CX woes consumers face.

1. Timing is everything. Keep your data up to date to make sure your messaging is relevant.

2. Real-time insights mean real-time optimization, which could decrease cart abandonment.

3. Context is key. And the only way to understand context is by having a complete view of your customers across channels.

4. Personalize the experience. But don’t get creepy.

5. Be relevant. Don’t show ads for products your customers have already purchased from you.

The single most important factor that defines your brand is how you manage the customer experience. But achieving a masterful performance across multiple channels is no easy feat. Learn more about how to build and support the entire customer experience, from start to finish, and get one step closer to true digital transformation.