Mobile Marketing Use Cases Powered by Adobe Experience Cloud Mobile SDKs and Adobe Campaign

While smartphone ownership is starting to show signs of saturation globally, mobile usage among consumers continues an upward trend in terms of time and dollars spent, both primarily driven by mobile apps. As such, driving engagement via mobile apps remains a top-of-mind goal for marketers today. Adobe enables mobile marketers to accomplish their engagement goals through an end-to-end mobile messaging solution that helps them deliver personalized messages at scale, when and where their users need them. This solution comprises a robust mobile software development kit (SDK) to power client-side technology for mobile apps and Adobe Campaign solution for server-side capabilities of message authoring and delivery.

At the end of September 2018, we released a new version of Mobile SDK called Adobe Experience Platform SDK that leverages Adobe Launch for mobile app configuration and comes with an out-of-the-box extension for Adobe Campaign. In this blog post, you will learn about the use cases that marketers can fire up using this integration.

Adobe Experience Platform SDK and Adobe Campaign Integration

Before diving into the use cases, let me share some details on how to turn on the integration between Adobe Experience Platform SDK and Adobe Campaign via Adobe Launch.

SDK enables data transfer between Campaign Server and mobile app through a dynamic remote configuration that is managed in Adobe Launch. So, to start:

Now with the setup complete, let us dive into the use cases that this integration enables.

Use cases powered by Adobe Experience Platform SDK in Adobe Campaign

Adobe Experience Platform SDK for Adobe Campaign is available for iOS and Android and powers following use cases:

Getting started

Adobe Experience Platform SDK requires no additional licensing as long as you are an Adobe Experience Cloud customer. So, whether you are an existing mobile customer of Adobe Campaign who is leveraging SDKV4 or a prospective new customer considering mobile, you can derive great value by adopting new Adobe Experience Platform SDK simply by powering the use cases mentioned above.

To learn in even greater detail, check out these links: Overview of Adobe Experience Platform Mobile SDKs and Discovering communication channels in Adobe Campaign.