Super-charging your Adobe Commerce strategic business review

Super-charging your Adobe Commerce strategic business review

Your annual SBR is a prime opportunity to review past performance and set ambitious new goals.

With over two years of the pandemic under our belt, ecommerce has steadily replaced physical channels for spending and is here to stay for the long term. According to McKinsey, consumers have increased their purchasing through ecommerce channels by 40–60% compared with pre-pandemic levels across most categories of everyday essentials and goods.

In this ever-changing environment, it has become crucial for companies to become agile, omnichannel businesses, as well as learn how to best cater to emerging digital consumer behaviors. Navigating these challenges is one reason why many merchants look to their Adobe team to provide them with strategic guidance to best reach these milestones.

More importantly, an organization’s ability to adapt quickly to these changes is what will ultimately impact revenue, and having a flexible, multichannel commerce platform like Adobe Commerce has helped companies realize these goals. According to a Forrester Total Economic Impact report commissioned by Adobe, our customers saw substantial benefits, such as an overall return-on-investment (ROI) of 267% and a 45% increase in speed when revising in-flight digital customer experiences.

Of course, we realize that every organization’s experience is unique, especially given the economic turbulence of the past two-and-a-half years that varied across industries. As a result, we strongly encourage all Adobe Commerce customers to look at how the product is expediting certain processes and ultimately helping to grow sales. These improvements should be continuous, which is why we offer an annual strategic business review (SBR) to all our Adobe Commerce customers.

An SBR is a guided evaluation of how your Adobe Commerce platform is delivering value to your business. It also includes helpful recommendations from Adobe for addressing any trouble spots and building on already impressive results. This post explains in more detail why SBRs are one of the best ways you can take advantage of your relationship with Adobe, and it also includes a checklist at the end to set yourself up for a successful business review.

Why you need an SBR

Many ecommerce organizations are so busy meeting quarterly objectives that it can be difficult to set aside time for long-term strategic planning. An SBR can help fill this gap.

Your Adobe customer success manager (CSM) is already familiar with your business. This means that you and your CSM can have an open-ended, multi-dimensional conversation about how your company is currently leveraging Adobe Commerce and what you need to prioritize in the future.

Most customers who participate in SBRs come away with actionable strategies and tactics for tailoring a personalized customer experience, streamlining back-end processes, and, ultimately, increasing the ROI of their digital storefront. Taken together, these recommendations can deliver thousands or even millions of dollars in additional value.

How to prepare for an SBR

We’ve designed the SBR to be a full-service experience that’s easy and convenient for your team. Your Adobe success manager will take the lead and schedule your meeting as well as any necessary follow-up sessions. Throughout the initial meeting, they will ask questions and record your team’s answers. Afterward, they will send a follow up email with customized recommendations based on your discussion and help you initiate first steps to meet these goals.

To best prepare for your SBR, we put together this checklist to guide your thinking when it comes to topics and questions to bring up during your SBR. Then, when you’re ready, you can reach out to your Adobe customer success manager via email or phone to schedule an SBR for your business.