5 Thought Leaders Weigh In: "What Change Would You LIKE to See in the Future Workplace?"

5 Thought Leaders Weigh In: "What Change Would You LIKE to See in the Future Workplace?"

Change is happening so fast that today’s workplace looks nothing like offices of old. Reports are giving way to live project management dashboards, employees have the chance to work from almost anywhere, and businesses are recognizing the need to offer employees flexibility in when they work.

With all this change, there are still some things we’re waiting for. I recently had a chance to ask several thought leaders what changes they are seeing in the workplace.

I also asked these experts what changes they would like to see in the future workplace:

Here’s what they said.

What change would you like to see in the future workplace?

“Ooh, tough one. Greater flexibility around working hours would be nice. Less cluttered file storage on servers (although I guess this one's down to the company in question).
“Collaborative problem-solving. The prevailing twentieth century business model was a zero-sum game: someone had to lose for you to win. But where collaborative problem solving happened, real innovation emerged.
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“Removal of the rows of office desks. Staff should be encouraged to work from home all the time and only come to offices when they need to collaborate and work together.“Instead of rows of desks, offices should only be collaborative working areas."The workplace of the future should be home working when you need to work alone and central collaborative areas when you need to work with team mates.”—Barry Hodge
“I’d love to see more financial investment in ongoing education and professional development.
“I like to think of enterprise IT as being augmented by and partly supplanted by what I call work IT.

The experts I talked to feel that technology will need to evolve to keep up with future work trends and that flexible schedules and the ability to collaborate will be even more essential in the future workplace than they are now.

Over the next several posts, I will continue to share the insights I got from this forward-looking group on the future of work and how we can adapt to and benefit from it. Stay tuned!

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