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By Nancy Newell, Head of Marketing Experiences and Partner Strategy, Public Sector, Adobe

Imagine the possibilities for streamlining operations, advancing mission, and elevating citizen trust through omnichannel government experiences that are equal to everyday commercial ones. The Home Depot is a best-in-class example of using an omnichannel strategy to nail the customer journey and equip employees with the right tools to empower organizational efficiency.

Commercial experiences lead the way

I recently spoke with an entrepreneur who was excited she had landed a significant new contract with a technology company. The only thing left to do was to get a document from her state government. “Simple enough,” she thought. “I’ll just go online and request the document.”

When she went to the website, she learned that she had to send a fax or letter via mail, and requests would be filled in two to three business days. She sent a fax and waited 10 days without a reply.

Frustrated, she called the contact center, which was only open on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. After 90 minutes on hold, she reached a representative who couldn’t confirm receipt of the fax because the machine was in another building. The customer service representative said the best option was to express mail the request overnight (to ensure it’s trackable) — and not forget to include a postage-paid, self-addressed envelope, of course.

The entrepreneur contrasted this experience with one she had the same week with an online retailer. She had a question about a recent return and reached out to the retailer online and initiated a chat. The representative called her when the company determined more information was needed, and they resolved the matter in just a few minutes. An email confirmation followed moments later. The experience was efficient, completely seamless, and very powerful. It was a truly orchestrated omnichannel experience.

Omnichannel personalization to meet an individual’s unique needs

Rarely do you find a technology strategy or investment that delivers so much value to so many diverse audiences. Omnichannel capabilities benefit the entire public sector ecosystem:

What is an omnichannel experience?

At Adobe, we’ve defined four characteristics of a world-class omnichannel experience.

First, an omnichannel experience in government uses behavioral data and a unified profile to design a personalized and optimal approach to content delivery. Second, it delivers an end-to-end brand strategy with a modernized web platform and content velocity. Third, it applies a targeted channel strategy that drives the right message at the right time to the right user. And finally, it encourages adoption and reach of modernized service delivery through digitized and automated workflows — delivering ROI (return on investment) at every stage in the customer journey.

Build the foundation for success

Omnichannel strategies can deliver powerful experiences, but you need to build a strong foundation for success. This foundation includes driving personalization and engagement through a single accessible view of the customer. An integrated customer journey across web, mobile, email, social, and offline channels is critical. And it requires robust automation to manage the delivery of meaningful and timely messages and offers.

Adobe Experience Cloud offers capabilities that will help you pave the way for omnichannel success:

It takes an ecosystem and a proven team

There is no end to the potential for an omnichannel strategy to advance the mission and transform public service delivery. This is the future — but no one partner can deliver it all. To deliver omnichannel experiences successfully from start to finish, partners must work together in a robust ecosystem. As a team, we can best identify citizen and employee needs and solve challenges inherent to complex public sector organizations.

Our experience-driven government platform helps public sector organizations create highly personalized and effective omnichannel experiences faster than ever. We provide a highly secure, open, and flexible platform that integrates easily with applications that are most important to your mission.

We also garner a rich ecosystem of industry-leading partners to provide comprehensive planning, solution design, and support to improve service delivery quickly and to continually elevate experiences over time. By aligning and complementing capabilities across the data, content, journey, and digitization pillars, the team can overcome challenges and provide the best solutions to meet agency missions and citizen and employee expectations.

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Nancy Newell is a seasoned marketing professional with over 20 years of experience managing and overseeing nationwide omnichannel marketing campaigns in all government sectors and various commercial industries. She leads with high energy and enthusiasm and has a passion for brand storytelling through technology and interactive experiences. At Adobe, Newell serves as a subject matter expert in omnichannel marketing experiences and leads the partner strategy needed to unite the right teams to solve government challenges facing the citizen experience.