Adobe Learning Manager delivers personalized digital learning experiences for customers, partners, and employees

Adobe Learning Manager delivers personalized digital learning experiences for customers, partners, and employees

The pandemic has ushered in an era where learning is on demand and highly personalized. This has led many brands to rethink how they can use digital learning opportunities to fill knowledge gaps and improve the imbalance between their needs and available talent. More organizations are looking for ways to inspire continued learning and are turning to solutions that let them create personalized learning experiences that fit seamlessly into daily life.

To help brands infuse learning into the heart of their culture, we’re announcing Adobe Learning Manager, a cloud-based digital learning application that helps organizations quickly set up learning portals within their existing sites. Adobe Learning Manager makes it easy for businesses to create new and engaging digital learning experiences for customers, partners, and employees — to drive customer retention, boost sales performance, and bridge knowledge gaps.

Adobe Learning Manager for customer and partner experiences

Adobe Learning Manager helps customer experience (CX), marketing, and sales leaders maximize sales performance and customer retention. It does this by empowering them to deliver a consistent, brand-aware, personalized, and highly engaging learning experience within their brand’s digital properties. Companies can create new and engaging digital learning experiences that help customers gain deeper understanding of products and services. And for partners, enterprises can provide digital learning experiences that empower them, so they can become a true ambassador of the brand.

Adobe Learning Manager for employee experiences

The pandemic-inspired Great Resignation has made it clear that the skills gap is growing, and brands need resources to prepare employees for the future of work. Especially now when talent is scarce and many recognize that if they do not provide resources to help with training and development, they risk losing out to others who will.

With Adobe Learning Manager, businesses can embed digital learning experiences into the employee experience so they can nurture employees’ professional growth and provide them with the resources they need to progress in their careers.

One experience for customers and employees

Since Adobe Learning Manager has integrations with Adobe Experience Manager Sites, brands can easily set up learning portals within their existing sites complete with courses, learning paths, and interactive content with little to no code. AI-based recommendations push the right content to the intended audience based on their learning history, skills, and interests. Integrations with Adobe Commerce and Adobe Marketo Engage help brands market, track, buy, sell, and gain an understanding of how customers are engaging with courses, as well as how they’re impacting the overall customer experience.

Businesses of all sizes are already using this application. For example, Domino’s Pizza, the largest pizza company in the world, has used this technology to implement new types of digital learning strategies and experiences. So far, it has helped the brand to train over 400,000 globally across corporate, restaurants, and franchise staff.

Meanwhile, Publicis Groupe, a global leader in communication, created several professional development and upskilling opportunities for employees. By creating their certification program with this technology, Publicis Groupe was able to bring more than 100 agencies in over 100 countries up to speed on programmatic media planning and buying. This technology also powers the brand’s Open Apprenticeship program, whose digital learning experience provides apprentices with the foundational skills needed to work in brand strategy, media, and PR.

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