Adobe unveils experimentation capabilities in Customer Journey Analytics, driving omnichannel personalization

The digital economy has grown substantially since March 2020, and per the Adobe Digital Economy Index — powered by Adobe Analytics — consumers have spent $1.7 trillion online during that time. The COVID-19 pandemic induced a rare step change in e-commerce and cemented omnichannel services like curbside pickup. As more daily activities moved online and blended with offline channels, brands are now having to make the digital economy more personal. In every part of the customer experience, from new digital services to marketing content, brands need to deliver engaging offerings that are customized for individual preferences. In fact, this is now one of the largest industry-wide opportunities, as 77% of Gen Z and millennials say that relevant, personalized content increases their trust in a company (per a new Adobe survey).

To help brands capture this, Adobe Analytics is unveiling the Experimentation Panel in Customer Journey Analytics, a powerful new feature that bridges the gap between deep insights and action. Brands can test real-world scenarios, seeing how changing one aspect of the customer journey affects a different part of the journey. The winning experience can then be personalized to specific audience segments.

For instance, different variations of a new mobile app feature can be tested to see which one drives the greatest reduction in call center inquiries — and improves customer satisfaction as a result. Once implemented, custom audiences (such as customers who have previously engaged a customer service channel) can be engaged with the new offering. These “cause and effect” scenarios can be extended to any use case spanning marketing, customer service, and more. In retail, brands can see which email variation drives the most activity in-store. Benefits of the Experimentation Panel include:

Additional Adobe Analytics updates at Adobe Summit include:

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