Braintree Integration for Progressive Web Apps with Magento Helps Merchants Quickly Expand Their Payment Experience

Since the initial release of PWA Studio several months ago with Magento 2.3, Progressive Web Applications (PWA) continue to be an important consideration for merchants seeking high conversion, cost-effective mobile solutions for their business. With modern web capabilities for mobile, tablet and desktop devices, Progressive Web Apps give shoppers app-like, highly personalized cross-channel experiences that were once reserved for native apps.

From the very beginning, developer experience has been a priority for Magento in an effort to lower total cost of ownership and time to market. Key shopping experiences along the customer journey like checkout and payment, where mobile conversion is almost half of desktop – are often the most complex and critical for developers to tackle.

For that reason, we have integrated Braintree (from PayPal) into our default PWA storefront called Venia, providing a quick and easy way for developers to get started with debit and credit transactions using a trusted gateway. This can be configured for PWA in a matter of minutes, especially for current Braintree merchants.

At the same time, shoppers will recognize the familiar “Pay by card” interface in the checkout experience, improving overall ease of use and conversion at the same time. Braintree and Magento share the same vision when it comes to the developer experience: seamless, reducing friction, getting up and running quickly. Braintree’s easy to integrate card flow allows developers to quickly set it up and start accepting card payments in a flow that shoppers are familiar with.

Early feedback from developers and partners has been extremely positive. With the PWA Studio sandbox and developer documentation, you no longer need to setup and configure Magento to begin experimenting with Venia today.

To learn more about Magento PWA Studio’s exciting capabilities, visit here.