Jump-start your full-funnel marketing with Adobe Real-Time CDP and Meta’s Conversions API

Today’s marketer is facing a host of challenges — from data disruption and new privacy regulations to longer lead times to implement new tools and processes. Adobe is helping customers realize the value of their first-party data by integrating Meta’s Conversions API into Adobe Real-Time CDP. This will help joint customers of Adobe and Meta optimize their ad campaigns more quickly and gain meaningful insights into their media spend.

Many brands are impacted by the deprecation of third-party cookies and consumers’ evolving privacy expectations. For many businesses, it has become less clear how previous actions by consumers drove a particular business outcome. Advertisers are in search of solutions to these challenges that allow for effective execution of campaigns on digital ad platforms and drive measurable business outcomes.

The new Adobe Real-Time CDP Event Forwarding integration will allow customers to create a direct connection between their marketing data and the systems that help optimize ad targeting, decrease cost per action, and measure results across Meta technologies. This integration is also built into Adobe Experience Platform Edge Network, unlocking privacy and server-side mechanisms to transfer this data.

Now, customers can be confident that their conversion data is trackable and available for optimization, as Meta’s Conversions API is not dependent on browser technologies like cookies. This can help customers improve performance today and provide resilience for the future.


Move from hours to minutes with a quick-start workflow

We’re also focused on making it as easy as possible for customers to take advantage of this integration. The updates were announcing this week will reduce initial setup time for Real Time CDP Event Forwarding use cases from hours to minutes.

That’s why we’re introducing a powerful solution an intuitive, quick-start workflow that rapidly implements Meta’s Conversions API. What typically takes customers several hours, or even days to implement, is now reduced to minutes with this new workflow. The workflow takes an end practitioner through four easy steps to set up, implement, validate, and review.

From the data collection home screen, Real-Time CDP Connections, Prime, and Ultimate customers can use this quick-start workflow to rapidly implement the Meta’s Conversions API and start sending web data to Meta for ad conversions.

Bringing value to our joint customers

“We’re working with Meta to make it easier for our joint customers to do more with their advertising spend in a privacy-friendly and efficient way,” says Justin Merickel, VP of global partners at Adobe. “We’re committed to drive marketing effectiveness, across every channel, and our work with social media leaders like Meta will help brands maximize the impact of every campaign.”

To learn more about how to get started with Meta’s Conversions API and the quick-start workflow in Adobe Real-Time CDP, reach out to your Adobe representative today. You can also learn more about Real-Time CDP, get an overview of Meta’s Conversions API extension, or check out a recent article about third-party cookies.

Travis is an outcome-focused product leader with 10 years of experience in product strategy, design, and development. Currently, he is principal product manager of Adobe Real-Time CDP Connections on the Adobe Journey Optimizer product team. Prior to Adobe, Travis was a director of product management over enterprise media, publishing, and digital marketing solutions for a large-scale, global non-profit organization.