Klick Life Sciences Launch Pad — streamlining website launches in the life sciences industry

Klick Life Sciences Launch Pad — streamlining website launches in the life sciences industry

Accelerate life sciences website launches with a compliant, flexible, and reliable cloud solution.

Launching a website can be challenging and time-consuming in the highly regulated and complex world of life sciences. From navigating the ever-changing regulatory environment to ensuring industry compliance, the process can be daunting, and it requires significant investment in people, processes, and technologies.

Klick Life Sciences Launch Pad is a solution based on Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service. It’s specifically designed to accelerate website launches during the United States Prescription Drug User Fee Act (PDUFA) phase — the medical, legal, and regulatory framework for life sciences companies to submit and obtain approval for new drugs — while ensuring industry-vetted compliance and enterprise-readiness.

A key benefit of Klick Life Sciences Launch Pad is its ability to ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations. The solution includes a Quick Launch Template that optimizes submission formats, PDUFA compliance, and SEO by allowing life sciences organizations to launch a website that meets the PDUFA structure at the click of a button. All while integrating customized workflows with other industry-leading pharmaceutical and life sciences enterprise platforms.

Because of its tailor-made design for accessibility, the solution also provides the necessary flexibility for a life sciences drug to go to market. This gives access to teams with varying levels of technical expertise, including:

This level of flexibility can be particularly valuable for life sciences companies in the earlier stages of maturity that may not have a dedicated technology team, as it allows them to launch compliant websites quickly and cost-effectively.

The Klick Life Sciences Launch Pad taps into the robust suite of offerings provided by Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service, including:

Complete control with Adobe Experience Manager Sites

Klick’s proprietary healthcare-driven component library is another key differentiator for the solution. Built using Adobe’s core component library as a foundation, it allows these websites to meet industry standards and requirements while allowing for complete design flexibility using a proprietary approach to component “composition.” This ensures that submissions meet the design and approval standards within regulatory requirements while assisting medical and legal review teams to focus on content versus design.

Klick’s customizable forms framework is an additional point of value, allowing for the configuration of compliant forms tailored for collecting critical data from customers and healthcare providers during the launch phase. The prebuilt “Sign-Up” and “Unsubscribe” forms are critical, as they help to ensure compliance with industry regulations.

Comprehensive understanding with Adobe Experience Manager Assets and Adobe Analytics

The solution includes native integration between Adobe Analytics and Klick’s proprietary event-driven data layer, allowing companies to gain valuable insights into website performance and customer behavior. It is also designed to support large-scale websites with high volumes of traffic, which is critical during the new drug launch phase.

In short, Klick Life Sciences Launch Pad is a novel and compelling solution for life sciences companies, helping to ensure speed to market — all while balancing industry compliance and flexibility.

Learn more about how Klick Health, the world’s largest independent healthcare agency, can help you create and deliver proprietary solutions built specifically for life sciences. You can also check out Adobe Experience Cloud for Healthcare and how it’s helping life sciences and healthcare organizations.

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