Meet the Adobe Commerce Rockstars at Adobe Summit 2023

Meet the Adobe Commerce Rockstars at Adobe Summit 2023

Back in December 2022, we announced Adobe Commerce Rockstar, a session designed to showcase technical excellence by developers. We invited our global developer community to submit innovative apps, extensions, integrations, and tools for Adobe Commerce with the opportunity to present at Adobe Summit. The response from the developer community exceeded our expectations with over 65 submissions that met our guidelines for the session. Our guidelines were simple, each submission needed to:

On the other hand, evaluating submissions and selecting just three from this talented group of participants was far from simple. Rockstar entries covered a wide variety of use cases including:

Over the following two weeks, we assembled a group of Adobe Commerce experts from engineering, product, support, and consulting to review the submissions and make their selections. We are excited to introduce the finalists for the first-ever Adobe Commerce Rockstar who will join us on stage at Adobe Summit. It will be a fast-paced session with each participant taking about 10 minutes to walk you through their innovation and the derived business value. If you missed the live session, you can watch the on-demand recording for the Adobe Commerce Rockstar Showcase to hear from the participants and learn how you can benefit from their experience.

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Oleksandr Lyzun is the commerce technical team lead at Comwrap Reply. In the last 14 years of working with Adobe Commerce, he developed, led, and deployed numerous projects. As Magento Community Maintainer and Magento Master, he works with passion and love on various Magento Community projects. His passion is to work on complex Adobe projects and provide tailored solutions to the digital challenges of ecommerce customers.

Feed Generator by Comwrap Reply

Feed Generator is a service that simplifies the process of generating product feeds. It ensures that you can easily integrate your store with various systems. With just a few configuration steps you can generate a feed that can be consumed by third-party marketplaces like Google and Facebook — or that can be used for integrating with any other third-party system.

Lyzun will describe how Comwrap used Adobe Developer App Builder to implement Feed Manager as a highly performant and auto-scaling microservice. This service is designed to use Adobe I/O Events, API Mesh, and Adobe Commerce GraphQL API to ensure that the product feed is always up to date without requiring any customization or extra resource provisioning for Adobe Commerce.

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Susant Patro is the CEO of 247 Commerce, a gold-level Adobe Commerce Solution Partner based in London. He has over 15 years of experience in ecommerce technologies. As an innovative product developer, his goal is to create products that solve real-world problems. He is passionate about helping communities and businesses use technology to drive growth and innovation.

DryRun Pro by 247 Commerce

DryRun Pro is a remote development environment that provides a fully managed workflow that enables production releases, upgrades, and tests to be deployed seamlessly. It helps users create DryRun environments within minutes by replicating Adobe Commerce on Cloud, on-premise, or Magento Open Source Stores on the cloud or local docker.

It is designed to help merchants, agencies, and developers speed up development, upgrades, and deployment. Users can enable and disable extensions, view and edit database entries, change configuration settings, run upgrades, and apply patches from the DryRun Pro interface just through clicks — without writing a single line of code.

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Aaron Chidley is director of business development at Balance Internet. Backed by more than 20 years of experience in IT and digital commerce, Chidley leads the Business Development and Account Management teams at Balance. He is an exemplary, well-respected leader who champions an engaged and passionate workplace culture.

Chidley’s passion for digital commerce can be traced back to the early 2000s when he spent time developing a specialization in operational strategy and high-performing digital solutions.

Pay & Go by Balance Internet

Balance Internet and 7-Eleven Australia collaborated to develop Pay & Go, a new in-app feature that enables frictionless self-checkout for customers shopping in-store or filling up fuel at participating 7-Eleven stores. The Pay & Go feature is available on the My 7-Eleven app and allows customers to skip queues, pay for fuel, and make other purchases directly through the app — with standard headless payment integration flow powered by Adobe Commerce.

Chidley will provide insights into how Adobe products were used to create a seamless customer experience for in-store purchases and fuel transactions to further 7-Eleven's digital transformation process.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank every one of our Rockstar participants. The innovation and technical excellence of Adobe Commerce developers is key to our customers’ success, and we remain grateful for the amazing work our developers do every day.

Samir Arora
Lemundo GmbH
Max Baibakov
Balance Internet
Brian Benic
Binary Anvil
Thiago Bittner da Silva
Digital Hub
Chris Brabender
Cameron Burgess
Jule Flachenecker
dotSource GmbH
Alfreds Genkins
Scandiweb and ScandiPWA
Benjamin Gisvold
247 Commerce Ltd.
Vijay Golani
Gautier Harot
Colton Hathaway
Northern Commerce
Emily Kania
Human Element
Oleksandr Kashkarov
Balance Internet
Nishit Kathlana
Bob Kennedy
Perficient, Inc.
Sebastian Klett
Balance Internet
Marek Kubacak
Alexandra Lawson
Balance Internet
Anchit Makkar
Kirill Morozov
Perficient, Inc.
Janine Nöthlichs
Hanna Plachkova
GoMage Inc.
Ellie Reinker
Ignacio Riesco
Piotr Siejczuk
Ashutosh Srivastava
Webkul Software Pvt. Ltd
Egon Stamp
Jarrod Swift
Josef Willkommer
TechDivision GmbH
Saki Yusuf
247 Commerce Ltd.