TEG Analytics Shines a Light on Australian Consumers Using Adobe Audience Manager

How people spend their money and spare time might differ a lot from person to person, but when you consider these activities across vast groups, definite trends emerge. As Australia’s leading ticketing and live entertainment business — already reaching 72% of the country’s adult population — TEG is in a unique position to help companies better understand Australian consumers and reach new audiences.

Identifying consumer behaviors and coming up with meaningful audience segments requires massive amounts of data and sophisticated analytics. To give itself and other companies an edge when it comes to reaching consumers, TEG created TEG Analytics. The division taps into TEG’s rich pool of consumer information — representing the largest first-party customer database in Australia — to enable companies to understand the quality of their target audiences and deliver higher-impact customer experiences.

Bringing people and groups into focus

TEG Analytics recently launched LIFE Segments™, a proprietary psychographic customer segmentation platform, to help companies become more targeted in their marketing efforts. Daevid Richards, head of audience automation, explains why TEG Analytics brought in Adobe Audience Manager to power the solution.

“We collect up to 400,000 points of data daily, so we need a powerful data management platform to help us manage and clean data at scale,” says Daevid. “With Adobe Audience Manager, we’re creating advanced models and thousands of attributes that augment customer data and help our customers create a more holistic view of their audiences.”

Among millions of data points, Adobe Audience Manager tracks 21,000 consumer attributes and looks for significant correlations among them to create psychographic profiles. Set side by side with a company’s own customer data, these profiles can help find similar consumers and illuminate untapped audiences through look-alike modeling. Daevid says the results for TEG so far have been exceptional — far exceeding industry benchmarks.

“While the match rate within the industry ranges between 15% to 50%, TEG Analytics achieves a match rate of between 60% to 85% with other offline data sets,” says Daevid. “Our clients know that they can rely on our unique insights and feedback because no one else can match our unique scale. Adobe Audience Manager creates value for our clients by making it easier for us to aggregate, analyze, and model data.”

The key to consumers is in their data

The future of marketing and advertising lies in data — so much data that companies need to rely on technology to make sense of it all. It’s exciting to see TEG Analytics take a lead in a data-driven future and help companies bridge the gap with their customers.

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