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In this accelerated digital economy, a solid Customer Experience Management (CMX) strategy is the key to success. We know because Adobe has effectively transformed our own digital business and we can help you too.

Check out leading organizations’ CXM strategies

See how leading brands and industry experts are thinking about CXM.

Check out leading organizations’ CXM strategies

See how leading brands and industry experts are thinking about CXM.

The pillars of great CXM

Through our work with customers across different industries, and our experience transforming our own digital business, we’ve identified six pillars that span your entire business — from how you’re organized to how you handle data and content and beyond.

Organizational maturity

Strategy and Leadership

A strong commitment to a digital-first strategy from leadership down is the backbone of a successful CXM strategy. Without this commitment, you’ll hit some bumps along the way.

Customer-Centered Organization

Prioritizing customers puts CXM at the heart of a digital-first company. This helps the journey to digital maturity go faster and results in higher conversion rates, increased customer loyalty, and a robust bottom line.

Data and content

Data and Architecture

Making data broadly accessible provides insights that inform business decisions. Content may tell your story, but data will tell you how, when, where, and who you put it in front of.

Content at Scale

Without content, data is merely information. But properly leveraged, data can make your content more relevant and personalized at scale, across any channel, based on personal needs and context.

Journey and commerce

Journey Management

It’s important to be ready to optimize what you deliver across the many journeys your customers take. That means leveraging AI for scale and speed so you can react at the pace your customers demand.

Optimized Experiences

Digital experiences that are personalized, nurturing, and compelling help you connect with your customers, and build revenue and loyalty. But achieving the best ROI means you have to measure constantly and optimize continually.

Being an experience business is good business

An effective customer experience management strategy does more than delight your customers. According to an ROI study by Forrester, becoming an experience business will add real returns to your bottom line.

Revenue growth

Customer retention rates 

Customer lifetime value 

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