Using AI to unify insights, forecasting, and action

Lord Byron wrote that “the best prophet of the future is the past,” and this holds true not only in poetry but in virtually every realm of society and commerce. It’s certainly the case in marketing, where organizations spend billions of dollars on campaigns, while rethinking, readjusting, and reimagining on the fly as they plan the next one. Yet brands have struggled for generations to draw insights from past campaigns to forecast, focus, and target resources for future ones. This challenge — knowing what drives sales and turning insights into action — is one of the toughest a CMO or CEO faces. It’s a challenge they must solve if they want to succeed in making the digital economy personal, earning the loyalty and trust of their customers with engaging and effective campaigns.

At Adobe we’re focused on empowering brands to tackle this challenge, and we’re bringing our years of experience in artificial intelligence (AI) to solving it. Today, we’re introducing new capabilities in Adobe Experience Cloud, powered by our AI engine Adobe Sensei, that unify insights from our Attribution AI — which measures the incremental impact of each individual customer interaction — with Marketing Mix Modeling — which provides predictive planning and forecasting to optimize marketing spend against business goals.

Often referred to as “unified marketing measurement,” this process of measuring the impact of decisions across paid, earned, and new media — and applying the insights to future decisions — has its roots in strategies that have been put into place for the last half century. But never before has unified marketing measurement been as seamless, speedy, and ultimately successful as it can be with AI.

Traditionally, marketers guide their decision-making with a combination of measurement and planning methodologies including “multitouch attribution” and “marketing mix modeling”. The challenge many marketers face is that these two different measurement methodologies don’t speak to one another. All too often, this leaves marketers with conflicting and inconsistent recommendations on how to proceed with future campaigns.

As the digital world encounters increasing data restrictions from the walled gardens and enters a “cookie-less” future where brands must rely on first party rather than third-party data to guide their decision-making, the imperative for marketers to do more with their own data has risen significantly.

Enter unified marketing measurement. By using AI powered by Adobe Sensei to converge insights from multitouch attribution and marketing mixed modeling, marketers can finally take a holistic view of their past, present, and future.

The AI Adobe is using to make this work is smart — very smart. Millions of customers around the world use Adobe products every day across creativity, documents, and customer experiences. And we have trillions of content and data assets we’re able to draw upon to train and enhance our AI and machine learning models.

This unified approach to marketing measurement is one of many ways that Adobe Experience Cloud empowers our customers to automatically transform real-time data into insights that shape customer behavior. It sets brands up to profit from the greatest “prophet” of future business growth — insights drawn from past performance.

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