Enhancing Marketing Strategies Through Automation.

Print is an industry that many expected to fade with the increasing use of digital technologies. But, rather than watching print fade into the sunset, Electronics for Images (EFI) helped to transform the industry through automation and faster, higher-quality imaging technologies. In addition to selling hardware, software, and printers to traditional printing companies, EFI also specializes in printing technologies for industries including textiles, construction, packaging, and fine art, which includes digital on-demand solutions for shorter, customized print runs.

EFI knew that to continue growing its business, it needed to modernize its marketing strategy. To reach customers more successfully across channels, EFI chose to implement Adobe Campaign. By combining data from Salesforce CRM (Customer Relationship Management), third-party data resources, and cross-channel interactions, Adobe Campaign helps EFI target diverse audiences with personalized B2B messaging across channels.

“B2B is complex. We not only have customers engaging with us from several channels, but also from multiple business units within an organization,” says Naomi Liu, senior manager of marketing operations at EFI. “Adobe Campaign helps us gain insight into all touchpoints and it gives us a more complete picture of the organization so we can effectively communicate a value proposition of increased competitiveness and productivity for customers through a holistic engagement strategy.”

Since launching Adobe Campaign, EFI has increased lead generation by 7 percent and sales opportunities by 10 percent, meaning it’s collecting higher-quality leads through personalization. Success with tradeshow and webinar participants has been even more dramatic. By re-engaging customers who attended special events with personalized follow-up communications, EFI realized lead increases over 300 percent.

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