Analytics for Audio

Get a better understanding of your customers’ digital audio experience. Analytics for Audio lets you see who is listening to what, why they might tune out, and where they go next, so you can extend your digital audio content’s reach and maximize listener interest.

Your listeners are tuning in. Now you can too.

Capture granular details of your listeners audio engagement so you know exactly where they are tuning in or tuning out. Analytics for Audio offers comprehensive 10-second “heartbeats” to track vital metrics such as play, pause, mute, quartiles, complete, and duration.

You can also benchmark against historical and current data and validate concurrent listeners to measure reach and identify your unique audience. With the insights you glean, you can personalize digital audio recommendations, know when to prompt subscription upgrades, and enable higher engagement with audio ads.

Downloaded offline content tracking

Receive a holistic view of a listener’s engagement when content has been downloaded and consumed, regardless of internet connectivity.

Federated analytics

Share and receive audio analytics data from distributors for a more holistic view of consumption.

Real-time analytics

Measure trending audio in real-time to see what content is most popular.

Audio advertising metrics

Analyze ads to determine the sweet spot for the most engaging ad length, position, and type for your audience.

Audio combined with mobile app and page visitation

Follow the full customer journey and navigation patterns across different pieces of content and devices.

Average minute audience with people metrics

Accurately measure the number of unique listeners engaging with your content per minute across devices.

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Adobe is the first to offer analytics for offline and online audio.

Discover in this Adobe news article how Analytics for Audio lets you identify where your listeners are coming from, when they leave, where they go next, and why they might have left.

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Know who is on what device.

Extend your advertising to voice.

Check out our Adobe blog to learn to expand your cross-channel advertising to digital audio formats.

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Let's talk about what Adobe Analytics can do for your business.

Let's talk about what Adobe Analytics can do for your business.