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Flexible delivery of on-demand and live video streams.


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What is HTTP Dynamic Streaming?

HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS) enables on-demand and live adaptive bitrate video delivery of standards-based MP4 media over regular HTTP connections. HDS lets you leverage existing cache infrastructures and provides tools for integration of content preparation into existing encoding workflows.

What’s new in HTTP Dynamic Streaming

Video streaming

Robust, scalable delivery

Use existing caching infrastructures and standard HTTP server hardware to deliver on-demand and live content on a large scale with maximum quality.

Unparalleled reach

Reach the widest possible audience by delivering content to Adobe® Flash® Player or Adobe AIR® applications, allowing users to stream premium content to Mac OS, Windows® or Linux® desktops.

Open source file specifications

Achieve a live streaming experience using the MP4 fragment format, the industry standard for adaptive bitrate delivery, including open file format specifications for the media and manifest formats.

Adaptive bitrate

Detect the client's bandwidth and computer resources and serve them content fragments encoded at the most appropriate bitrate.

Support for standard HTTP caching systems

Leverage existing standard server hardware and caching infrastructures to maximise capacity and reach.

Live or on-demand streaming support

Deliver live and video on-demand (VOD) content over standard HTTP connections. Live delivery uses Adobe Media Server streaming workflows supporting Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP), while VOD requires a simple processing step to prepare and protect files for HTTP Dynamic Streaming.

Client tracking and reporting (with OSMF Omniture plug-in)

Confidently collect usage data and track playback interaction — enabling content monetisation and optimisation — with the Omniture® plug-in available in OSMF.

Multiple video codecs

Encode your content using high-quality Flash Player compatible codecs (VP6/MP3, H.264/AAC) and with a simple processing step or automatically with real-time packaging create fragmented files for HTTP Dynamic Streaming delivery.

Video playback experience

HD quality

Deliver high-definition video up to 1080p, with bitrates from 700kbps up to and beyond 6Mbps, using either H.264 or VP6 video codecs or AAC and MP3 audio codecs.

Upgrade from progressive delivery

Enjoy enhanced playback features including adaptive bitrate streaming, live support, DVR functionality and interactive seeking over HTTP connections.

Open source, customisable media player framework

Quickly and easily add support for HTTP Dynamic Streaming to existing media players by using Open Source Media Framework (OSMF).

DVR functionality

Archive live, high-definition streams on the server and enable HD DVR functionality (for example, instant replay and time shifting) with support for H.264 stream recording for RTMP and HTTP Dynamic Streaming. Pause a live stream or seek backward.

Multicamera angles/picture in picture

Augment the playback experience with enhanced features that add interactivity and increase viewer engagement.

Content protection

Adobe Access Server support for protected streaming

Protect your valuable content with file encryption and fast play start, while still allowing seamless access for the viewer. Maintain control of your content throughout the production workflow.